Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 2

Ok I don't dislike any of them but a lot of "favourites" have become rather annoying. Whilst Jim wasn't a favourite I saw how spiteful he could be and so many of the other guys as well. Jim actually freaks me out a bit.

I think Edna is a bit too stern, we'll see in the coming weeks though.

Personally I absolutely hate the boys' idea, two main problems - it's not a global app and it's slightly derogatory. Even though the girls' app is pretty boring people download apps just to see what it is because you can just simply uninstall it later. The boys' app appeals to a particular type of person and what makes them think people in New York or Tokyo would want to hear some cockney? That's their major downfall, they immediately limited their market. The derogatory point can be problematic, personally that was the first thing that came up in my head when I heard it, I am shocked the guys didn't even consider this - yet again further limiting their market. The girls marketed their app to anybody, I do prefer the girls app. Personally I think the boys had a better pitch, more of a gimmick for one day downloading but then it was so limited it was obvious they wouldn't win however it was more interesting on first look but then Lord Sugar did bring up the point of what they wrote for the app description - which I couldn't remember.

Two weeks and still not a word from Zoe - lol at the bookies.

Quote of the Week:
Susan - "Ok you're you and I'm me... where do you think we are" you need to hear it to "understand" it.

Logic (boys) - 3951
Venture (girls) - 10,667

I think Alex was fired unjustly to be honest but was he going to make the finals? No. 
I think Leon should have gone but in a way I think he has more potential than Alex.

I haven't solidified any favourites yet, every candidate is annoying in their own way but I'll support Susan all the way!

Ooh Karren said Tom is one to watch, considering they've already filmed it Tom must go far!


  1. If they already filmed the series (which they have, I'm sure) and Karen said "Tom is one to watch" in an episode before the finals, Karen must therefore have a time machine?

  2. Looking through my comments today and noticed this. Not sure what you mean but I meant that Karen said watch out for Tom on You're Fired and in the end we all know who won.