Saturday, 4 June 2011

Las Iguanas - O2 London

I went to Las Iguanas a few days ago around early lunch. The company ethos is "Eat Latin, Drink Latin" so when we were escorted by the wait staff the first thing they asked us was "Would you like to drink or eat," which I did find rather odd to ask at the start of the lunch rush but maybe because I'm not a drinker myself. The place was pretty empty and stayed that way, in fact got quieter, throughout our meal which lasted until around 1:30 to 2. The problem with the O2 is that if there is nothing on there is nobody there, hopefully this will change in two to three years time when a lot of the surrounding development will be completed. I ordered the Cuban Sandwich (Pulled Pork and Smoked Ham) from the lunch menu and Citrus Cooler - however at this point beware, the Citrus Cooler was on two for one, most of their coolers and cocktails are also. Not wanting to look stupid I said yeah I'm aware of that; whilst the dish size probably warranted two drinks you may feel like a bit of a pig afterwards.

This lends itself smoothly onto the Cuban Sandwich which was huge! It dwarfed those I'd seen in America (Pulled Pork Subs that is). I found it pretty amusing that they slabbed a bit of salad on the side and smothered in dressing. Personally I wasn't very fond of it, maybe because I'm not very fond of warm food. I don't know if it's supposed to be warm but I'd much rather have had it hot. The ham was also rather awkwardly put together with the pulled pork, it tasted of nothing and didn't make the dish any better or worse. The Citrus Cooler just tasted like lemonade to be  honest. At this point I must say if you want to eat good food don't go to the O2. I've been to Wasabi, Thai Silk, GBK, Harvester, Wasabi (close by) and now Las Iguanas but none of them were particularly memorable. Maybe I'm over generalising when I've been to less than half of the restaurants there but I've not got any more faith really.

My overall impression is, Las Iguanas is more for the drinks. Ok I'm not a drinker so I cannot tell you if it is good or not in that perspective but the food I can tell you was average. Our bill came to just over £20, for two, so it's not too bad price wise.

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