Thursday, 30 June 2011

Australia Day 3 - Sydney - Day Trip!

On Day 3 I went to Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Blue Mountains, for me this worked because we only planned to go to Scenic World but if you want to spend more time at the Blue Mountains then you won't have enough time if you go to Featherdale as well.

Two Good Eggs - 148 Goulburn Street
I ordered he tasty breakfast burger and a cup of Flat White. The bread was soft and fluffy but I think the bacon was too crisp. It was a decent breakfast for about AUD 40 (for three). Worth a visit if you are around the area.

Common Ground Cafe - 214 Katoomba Street
I loved this little joint with its nook and cranny seating. We were originally given a very small table but I actually preferred it because it was so cosy! I ordered a chicken burger and a large cup of Not Chocolate. I honestly thought it was a spelling mistake until somebody from a neighbouring table asked what the Not Chocolate was. The food in my opinion is ok not amazing but the atmosphere is what will stay in my memory. Lunch for three was AUD 50 exactly.

Chat Thai - 20 Campbell Street
I'm a little disappointed I gave in and tried Chat Thai rather than Spice I Am, I'm such a pushover. Yet again when we arrived at Chat Thai we had to queue, I think even longer than at Mamak. We were given a seat on the 1st floor so we weren't amidst the crowd. We ordered the Fresh Spring Rolls, Gai Tort, Gaeng Keaw Gai, Pad Siew, Pad Pak, Steamed Rice and I ordered some drink with coconut in it (a must for me) sorry I don't know the name but it's a mint green colour.

The general consensus was that the dishes were on the whole too sweet. The fresh spring rolls weren't that great, the sauce was too sweet for our taste. The Gai Tort (chicken marinated in coconut milk) was better though unmemorable. The Gaeng Keaw Gai (chicken curry) was also rather forgettable. The Pad Siew I remember! It was ok, thought the rice noodles were broken into small pieces. The Pad Pak (seasonal vegetables) yet again didn't leave a lasting impression. The highlight of the meal for me was definitely my drink. The meal cost us around AUD 70, a little steep compared to Mamak.

General Tourist Attractions
Featherdale Wildlife Park - A must see! If you definitely want to see Australian animals then go to Featherdale instead of Sydney Wildlife World. Sydney Wildlife World definitely has its plus points like a larger and more active crocodile and less children running around but for the price you pay at Sydney Wildlife World you don't get to touch the animals whilst Featherdale allows you to touch wallabies, koalas and their farmyard animals.

Scenic World Blue Mountains - A great place to see the Three Sisters but we didn't get to spend as much time there as we wanted. I'd advise you to go in spring rather than winter because it can get rather windy and if you are scared of heights riding across on the Scenic Skyway can be a little frightening when it starts shaking from side to side! Most people seem to focus on their train rides but honestly they are just there to transport you to the main attractions, they did their job and were also quite exciting.

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