Friday, 3 June 2011

Roland Garros 2011 - Day 13

So Djokovic's unbeaten run comes to an end, I am very disappointed with the result but you can't take anything away from Djokovic's success this year. I wish Federer the best but I just feel it's going to be another Nadal victory but with Djokovic maybe it could have been tighter. I guess we just need to put the Slams in a different light, I do think the older a "great" player gets the more they focus on the slams rather than the Masters which I think is the case with Federer. 

I just wonder what happens now, where will Djokovic go from this? When is his next chance to make No.1? Will Nadal or Federer win Roland Garros and I'm guessing Wimbledon as well. In all honesty the years of watching Nadal Vs Federer has rendered the matchup rather unexciting, for me anyway, so I'll probably sit this one out and take a rest from the heart attack I nearly had watching the Djokovic Vs. Federer match.

Sadly after these 13 days only Na Li has given me some joy as personally I would like to see fresh faces make the finals, of course if they're not as good then no they don't deserve to make the finals but I argue that there were other players equally good who could have made the Roland Garros finals this year it was just about the right moment for Federer and Schiavone.

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