Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 8

I'm back! Thank goodness I got to watch this episode before episode 9 where we'll get very close to the Top 5. This was a very interesting episode, not really for the task itself but for assessing the personalities of each candidate. Melody finally showed her true colours which we all knew were in her. Call her a tigress or a sly fox I think she showed wit and hunger and like Lord Sugar that's what I like about her. She single-handedly won orders for Logic and they'd have stood a better chance if she also lead the pitch to the main retailer. Yes she showed selfishness but she's in it to win it, what did Tom and Natasha do? Tom's sole excuse was that Melody didn't do what he asked her to do which was credible but then Tom should have been more decisive as PM and not let Melody push him over and honestly he could have found the information for himself. If he had more wit he would have thought, "this is the sole brand Lord Sugar has given us, this must be big therefore I need to ask for more".

Helen is worrying me, my head says there's absolutely no reason for her to lose but my gut instinct is that she needs to have a big big fail or it'll be random to fire her. Honestly eight in a row, breaking Liz's record and never getting any negative feedback, how is that possible on The Apprentice? Like how I didn't think Liz would win on her season I'm thinking the same for Helen, they actually look quite similar as well! I think ultimately Lord Sugar doesn't see the grit he's looking for in Helen. She might have won if the job was still an apprentice but as a business partner I think she'll fall short.

I think whatever happens next week Natasha will be near the chopping block. I think Lord Sugar has seen enough and wants her gone. I don't see Helen going nine in a row as her record was mentioned close to the end of episode 8, which never bodes well. I still think Tom has something in him to make it to Top 5, it really depends on what he does on the next episode. Susan is on the edge for Top 5 but ultimately she'll implode at interviews. Jim could go both ways but I still see him as a Top 5 candidate. To be honest besides Natasha I see any of the six losing out before Top 5, I think everyone has the potential to win here besides Natasha!

I hate how they are editing out Susan to be rather immature, yes she has her moments but then a lot of the times she is just misunderstood. I think Nick is the one holding Susan in but actually she has the best PM record out of the bunch.

I'm intrigued why Lord Sugar set the two teams up with one sole massive retailer, the task basically pivoted on that pitch but none of them seemed to really understand the importance of it.

I do think Tom's products had potential even though I detested them, the teapot lamp is not a product whilst the living postcards looked cheap, but he failed to pitch them well. Those niche products could have done really well with the places Melody set up for them and I could easily see the major French retailer stocking them up.

Susan's products were more mass market, no less easy or difficult to sell imo. But obviously the stack up seat was the win or lose for the team. What I failed to understand was why Jim and Zoe didn't set up more appointments with childcare retailers and mobile phone shops for them. To be honest at this moment Zoe really doesn't impress me, she has the fire in her belly but she hasn't shown any initiative or talent for a long time.

My favourites at the moment are still Melody and Susan. Susan because she doesn't show any attitude but still has that gut instinct for business whilst Melody for an entirely different reason because she does have an attitude but it works! Yes she failed to see the potential in a product but haven't they all failed somewhere sometime? If she was the PM then she'd be responsible but ultimately it was Tom's decision because he also viewed the products.

Helen is up at third for me, she just needs to be a bit more risky and less perfect. Yes we live in a world where perfect is not actually perfect! Then Tom straddles far away at 4th whilst Jim and Natasha follow closely behind. Zoe obviously my least liked contestant because she is a spoilt brat.

I think Helen has to be the favourite to win but Lord Sugar is loving Melody's feisty-ness. She is reminding me a lot of Paloma last year who I also favoured. She just needs to keep her mouth at bay (unlike Paloma) to avoid being fired for having a nasty attitude. Jim and Tom are now looking more like outside bets every day whilst I still think Zoe is the dark horse. But I'd obviously like to see an Asian winner!

But honestly I think most Tom fans need to step back into reality, he hasn't shown any use yet. Yes he has a gut instinct but he never uses it and is too indecisive, how could he honestly decide their biggest pitch of the day from rock paper scissors! This leads neatly onto my quote of the week...

Natasha - Ok so I present to you our teapot. It's actually made from bone china, which is traditionally used in England for tea and scones and English dinner parties and it's the type of thing you'd walk into somebodies home and you'd say "Goodness me that's fantastic," it's really really unique so we feel that it would be a fashion icon.

I put my head in my hands when she said scones and tea are made from bone china! No preparation whatsoever.

In the end Venture beat Logic 228,669 to 11,705 - an absolute annihilation.

Oh I didn't talk about Leon, yeah he was out of his depth and his excuse of not speaking French was never going to go down well with Lord Sugar and a close second for quote of the week goes to Lord Sugar actually...

Lord Sugar - Hold on Tom, this is a momentous moment cause Leon is talking, so shut up for a minute - lol.

Now I wait with baited breath for the next episode tomorrow.

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