Friday, 17 June 2011

Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant, Yuen Long

I always enjoy choosing between the many different Cantonese restaurants to get some breakfast dim sum. Hoi Tin has been one of the regular places I go to because it's one of the closest to my flat and serves decent  dim sum, it's also nice that the place is generally clean. But on this occasion we were severely disappointed.

We ordered, wait is there even any point? That's because we only got two dishes out of five. The first two came swiftly but after waiting another twenty minutes we found out that the kitchen was in disarray and other diners orders were also in a mess. Ok I guess that's understandable so we waited, and waited, and waited. All the other tables around us managed to get there food but not us! We complained a few times but they didn't know how to respond besides going into the kitchen again and again with no response. After 90 minutes of waiting we had enough and left. Not before my dad paid the bill, which I think really should have been discounted because two dishes for $50~ is a rip off for HK prices. Nobody came to tell us why or offer us something else, we were just left there to wait.

I'll probably give Hoi Tin another chance but we'll definitely steer clear of the place for a while. If this is any consolation the things we did get, the chicken and mushroom rice pot and the shiu mai, actually tasted quite nice.

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