Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mooli's, Frith Street

I personally don't like Indian food, at least Indian fast food in England but with so many high praises I thought maybe I should try Mooli's, especially with my Indian-food loving friend for company. Wary that Indian food can be spicy I spent some time tossing up between the beef or the goat but the potatoes tipped it for the goat, though I was fully aware there were two chilli symbols next to the goat. In anticipation of its spiciness and intense sweating thereof I decided to add an extra Mango lassi, though for £2.50 I expected to get a bigger cup.

As the store was rather busy we headed for the nearby park to devour our Moolis. The Mooli was bigger than expected but I was rather disappointed by it to be frank. Firstly I found the roti to be rather plain, I was expecting a strong buttery flavour. The filling was nice though I expected more variety of flavours rather than the sole oniony, cumin spice, I may not be a connoisseur of Indian food but I feel that most Indian dishes seem to recycle the same flavours. I was also hugely let down by the supposed spice, I would probably hesitate even to give this one chilli rating, though I did enjoy it more because of the mild spice. The mango lassi on the other hand was divine, the hint of ginger gave it the extra zing, but for £2.50 it is rather dear.

Overall I'm not enamoured by Mooli's I didn't dislike it but I didn't fall head over heals for it like so many bloggers have. For £8 it's a slightly expensive fast food but still cheaper than sitting for a meal at a nearby restaurant on Frith Street. Would I go again? Probably if I was pushed by my Indian-food loving friend, who btw loved it! Next time I might try the beef just for the coconut.

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