Friday, 17 June 2011

Nice Invitation, Yuen Long

My first meal in Hong Kong 2011! Yes guys I'm back and in Hong Kong and yes the restaurant is called Nice Invitation. This is actually the eighth consecutive year I've gone to Hong Kong for the summer so most of the places I'm reviewing will be of places I've already tried. Oh and btw I live in Yuen Long so you're going to see a lot of Yuen Long even though most tourists probably won't even go there!

I'm sorry I'm not actually sure about some of the dish names but I'll do my best to describe them. We ordered Tung Choi with Fish Sauce, some sort of Chicken clay pot dish which had shiitake and pork crackling (we ordered it because of the rather odd name and because we thought the pork crackling was fish stomach, which we love). My dad also randomly ordered Fish Maw with Abalone and Duck's Feet, I'm just stating the ingredients but it's a pretty well known dish.

The Tung Choi was very nice, it's actually pretty sad to think about how an average Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong is as good as a good Cantonese restaurant in England. The chicken clay pot was interesting, a pretty weird concoction but rather tasty. The chicken, though mostly bone, was very tasty but I just wished there was more sauce. The fish maw/abalone/duck's feet dish (lets just call it FAD - creative ain't I) was pretty poor. It was a speciality dish which they serve per portion but the fish maw was chewy, the abalone tough and the duck's feet rather tasteless and they charged $68 per serving! To make it even worse they didn't even serve it on China, it was on these cheap plates. We also ordered two bowls of boiled rice btw.

The service was pretty average, the general consensus is don't expect service in Yuen Long. It's more local based so the regular customers get a lot of attention and chit chat whilst the "foreigners" get the basics. However the waitresses kept chit chatting amongst themselves next to our table which was a bit irritating.

The meal came up to about $300. I don't have much to love or hate about the restaurant in general, it was a pretty standard Cantonese meal with nothing out of this world but everything generally made decently, though the FAD was very disappointing.

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