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Miss USA 2011 - Second Update

A lot of professional photos were released in the last few days so using these photos and candids I have seen this is my new Top 15 list.

(-) 1st - Alyssa Campanella, California
(-) 2nd - Angela Byrd, Hawaii
(-) 3rd - Alida D'Angona, Massachusetts
(up) 4th - Allyn Rose, Maryland
(down) 5th - Ana Christina Rodriguez, Texas

(-) 6th - Jamie Lynn Crandall, Utah
(up) 7th - Angelina Kayyalaynen, Washington
(up) 8th - Brittany Dawn Brannon, Arizona
(up) 9th, Jillian Wunderlich, Indiana
(down) 10th - Kia Ben-et Hampton, Kentucky

(down) 11th - Channing Pierce, Michigan
(down) 12th - Regina Turner, Connecticut
(down) 13th - Courtney Hope Turner, South Carolina
(up) 14th - Angela Sparrow, Illinois
(down) 15th - Amber Marie Collins, New York

14th. Kansas - Jaymie Stokes

14th. Illinois - Angela Sparrow

So very little change

Alyssa Campanella

So why is Alyssa the ultimate girl to beat? Since Day 1 she has lead my rankings because of her beauty, charisma and personality, these three things are the main reasons she is near insurmountable. On top of that she has a great body and a dazzling smile, she also really makes an impact with her red hair matched with her fair skin, she simply stands out amongst the pack in looks and personality.

All her three shots are gorgeous

Angela Byrd

Call me biased but I love delegates who are "exotic" compared to the All-American look. I don't think I'm blindly biased either because Angela is really providing stiff competition to Alyssa in my opinion because she has the overall package as well. At this moment I really don't know what Angela needs to push her above Alyssa but she'll always be a fixture in my favourites.

There's definitely room for improvement in her professional photoshoot above, maybe that's what is stopping her from toppling Alyssa.

Alida D'Angona

The beautiful Alida needs to step up her game as I feel Alyssa and Angela are starting to push ahead. Just realised Alyssa, Angela and Alida - all A's - I'll call them the "Triple A's" for now. What I love about her is that she has a different kind of beauty compared to most of the other 50 delegates and she's not the typical type of pageant girl. She seems confident and intelligent as well as beautiful and sexy.

I don't like her hairstyle in the evening gown shot, please don't do a Mariana Vicente.

Allyn Rose

This girl is back on her A game baby. I think a lot of fans started to write her off but her current photos are gorgeous. At the moment she is my highest ranking blonde, which is an achievement considering how many there are. She can potentially make the exclusive club of the Triple A's and make it the Quadruple A's if she continues to produce this level of work.

All of her shots are gorgeous thought her hair in the swimsuit shot looks unnecessarily... big.

Ana Christina Rodriguez

What I love about my Top 5 is that it is such a diverse mix. I have represented every hair colour as well! Red, Black, Light Brown/Blonde, Blonde and Dark Brown. Anyway back to Ana. I still love Ana, her personality and poise are so winning material but she has been inconsistent in her candids. In my opinion she isn't the most photogenic girl in the competition but I think she's probably more telegenic.

The three photos above look gorgeous but to make the trio better I think a shot where she is smiling would work wonders.

Jamie Lynn Crandall

Jamie has been rather disappointing lately, she hasn't been as prominent as she was on the media tour and I feel her grip on the top spot is starting to slide. She is just such a naturally beautiful girl but maybe she's a bit too under rated or obscure, she just hasn't stood out since the media tour.

On top of this the three photos above don't impress me, for a potential favourite these don't work for me. She just about holds onto 6th spot but don't expect her to stay if she doesn't produce the work.

Angelina Kayyalaynen

Angelina is gaining speed, in a way I didn't expect her to rise any further because I thought she wouldn't impress as much in the photos but she has surpassed my expectations and has produced one of the best portfolios in the pack. I loved Angelina's eloquence, charisma and passion and now I love her look and body as well! However Angelina is a difficult one because although she provides the goods she still feels a bit too under the radar to actually produce any significant impact.

Brittany Dawn Brannon

Beforehand I felt obliged to put her in my Top 15 because of the hype but now I actually think she deserves her spot. She is gorgeous and rarely takes a bad picture the only problem I have with her is her overly feline features.

Jillian Wunderlich

Jillian was another one of those girls that I didn't really love beforehand but she has proven to be a true force since her first candid in the pageant. I love her straight hair, it gives her a fresh cosmopolitan look which isn't what many of the delegates go for. All three of her photos are beautiful as well, she truly has potential to knock someone off their top spot here.

Kia Ben-et Hampton

Kia has been a disappointment from a girl who was challenging the Top 5 to a girl who is struggling to stay in my Top 10, the reason being her lack of presence - where is she? She just hasn't made any impact in the competition and I fear it might be too late if she wants to win the pageant.

Channing Pierce

Whilst many believe Channing has redeemed herself with the above shots I have still yet to see something which would push her back into my Top 5, in fact she's much closer to my Bubbling Unders list than my Top 5. I just think she has lost the spark, she looks pretty tired in most of her photos and there just doesn't seem to be that hunger in her to win the pageant.

Regina Turner

Even though I don't remember seeing a single candid of her the photos above give me confidence in her. She is undeniably beautiful but she just hasn't been in the spotlight, I hope she produces a good preliminary because then she'll be in the spotlight. BTW what do you guys think of the gown? One part of me likes it because it looks rather cool and modern but then another part of me thinks it's going to be hideous on stage.

Courtney Turner

To be brutally honest whilst I like Courtney I would be totally against her winning the crown. Please Miss USA don't crown a blonde just because she's blonde, this is not a blonde year! She is beautiful and seems very friendly but I just can't see her as a favourite anywhere else besides Miss USA. However saying that I'd be shocked and slightly annoyed to see her left off the Top 15.

Angela Sparrow

As the days have gone by I have found it harder and harder to produce a Top 15 because there are so many girls fighting for the last two spots in my Top 15. I don't love any of them that much but then those girls are all pretty equal down there. Angela is the girl that stood out from my bubbling unders simply because of her photoshoots. I'm still not sold on her personality but hopefully she'll do well in the following days.

Amber Marie Collins

I'm split on Amber, she is starting to lose steam in my opinion but this spot was basically decided by who had the least amount of flaws to their potential in making the Top 15.

Bubbling Under
Missouri - Hope Driskill
Tennessee - Ashley Durham
Nevada - Sarah Chapman
Kansas - Jaymie Stokes
Wyoming - Kaitlyn Davis
Maine - Ashley-Lynn Marble
Alabama - Madeline Mitchell
Florida - Lisette Garcia
North Carolina - Brittany Leigh York
District of Columbia - Heather Danelle Swann
Alaska - Jessica Chuckran

Hope is beautiful but, at the moment, bland.
 I am seeing the potential in Ashley once again.
I don't think she is that pretty but she has an undeniable presence about her.
I still like Jaymie but she has lost a lot of steam.
No one is talking about Kaitlyn but I think she has potential.
I think Ashley is actually very pretty but her styling is causing her the most problems.
Madeline is starting to make a move.
Lisette will be a strong contender but I still need to see more.
Brittany is actually rising quite quickly, she may make the top of my bubbling unders by my next update.
Heather is pretty but I'm still unsure about her after the video
Jessica is back! Will she be here for long?

BTW I still like Oregon and Montana but they aren't that photogenic sadly.

I don't think I'll be able to make a list right after preliminaries because I'll be going on holiday soon but I'll do my best.

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