Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Apprentice UK Season 7 Episode 6

This week was all about rubbish but the episode was far from rubbish! Whatever happened I expected Venture to incur their first lost because it simply would be too good to be true if Logic lost 6 in a row. At once when I saw this task I knew it was going to be difficult because it was unlike anything else they had done or had been done on the Apprentice and the margin for error was quite large. 

There were so many classic scenes in this episode one of which was when Jim started shouting on a megaphone at a house to give them some metal - what? And then Tom raiding someone's front garden and asking Jim whether they should take their grill!

But quote of the week belongs to Susan
Susan: I feel like the biggest idiot in the world right now... (furniture guy talks)... so he did want money for the furniture, so I'm not an idiot, uh (Edna shakes her head).

This is classic because of the scene prior to this where Susan questioned Zoe on why they were asking for money to dispose of the rubbish when they should be giving the client money for his furniture as it would have a decent resale value and secure the deal. I understood where Zoe was coming from, it's weird to be giving money away for rubbish but the condescending look she gave to Susan throughout the task solidifies my reasoning as to why I dislike her so much.

Helen has come off the hero in this task but I'm not sure she actually caught on to some of the specifics. I think she wanted to get the contract but had the same impression as the other team, that they should be charging rather than giving the dealer money. That would have meant Helen's tactic was nearly suicidal but because the other team failed at realising this point as well and in fact Helen had made a good decision, without realising it at first, she won the contract. Helen has potential to do well here but I still reserve judgement until I see more of her.

Personally I think Melody is showing a lot of sense and actually is the only person, at the moment, who is showing any real business acumen. She fought her ground in what was a sensible idea, in charging for services but for this task specifically a high risk strategy may have been necessary but definitely not in terms of long term business as Helen was simply lucky to have made the money she did.

Zoe was simply terrible on the first day, she didn't look prepared or happy whatsoever, but what saved her was admitting she failed and speaking her game. This straightforward attitude is what Lord Sugar likes and that's why Zoe has been my personal dark horse for a few episodes running, though I absolutely detest her at this moment. I think Zoe has the potential to make the Final 2 because being forgiven for an disaster of a day by Lord Sugar means he sees a lot of potential. My gut instinct from the point Zoe started crying was that however badly Zoe does this episode she is not going home so when there was a slight shift of blame to Edna when they first talked about the task I knew it was Edna's turn to go.

To be honest when I heard that Venture has sold the copper boilers for £915 I thought they had won but honestly a winning margin of £6 is pretty tough to handle especially when we're talking about rubbish. Edna did say some words of wisdom when she praised the team for everything they had done bar the first day and pitching for contracts because they really did make up their money there whilst without Helen's risky strategy Logic would have been plunging to their 6th loss.

Edna really did talk herself out of contention. She must have understood that Lord Sugar is more practical than academic, he values the nitty gritty more so than the academic rigour of a candidate so by splashing out that she has an MBA and loads of degrees she is already alienating herself towards Lord Sugar.

With this episode I have finally some good grounding as to who I like and dislike. Melody and Susan are my favourites whilst Jim, Tom, Helen come around next. Then Natasha, Glenn, Leon and Zoe in that order. From initially liking most of the candidates I have now found myself in a position where I'm not sure I like any of them that much. Glenn has really disappointed me, he was better when he was quiet but now he just comes off as rather ignorant.

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