Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Taro, Brewer Street

Dying for some Japanese we made a detour to Piccadily Circus to visit Taro which I've always wanted to visit. It was a Monday lunch so it was quite busy but we got seated immediately. Having had three char siu baos already I wasn't keen on getting anymore carbs so I reluctantly chose sushi over the lauded bento boxes. I ordered the Eel handroll, I just love handrolls!, one sweet prawn, one prawn, one eel and I can't remember the last one but it was all white and glistened. We also got a plate of gyozas to share and I got a pineapple juice.

Luckily one of my friends didn't seem keen on eating so I got to try their prawn tempura as well which wasn't much to write home about. It was nice but had quite a lot of panko. I didn't like the gyoza because there was a slight bad taste to the pork. Onto the sushi. The handroll was ok though the nori was a bit chewy rather than crunchy. The eel however was amazingly tasty and juicy - the highlight of the meal, the eel sushi as well. The sushi was made decently though I still encountered a broken sushi which is never a happy sight when half of your rice is swirling in soya sauce mixed with wasabi. The prawn sushi tasted ok, I did however really like the taste of the sweet prawn sushi.

The meal cost me about £13-£14 which is slightly expensive for my liking especially considering my rather small order compared to a full on bento box pig out (which didn't all go down well with my friends who ordered bento boxes). I guess my opinion on this place is "all-right", I'm not begging to go there soon nor would I avoid it. I still haven't found an amazing sushi place in London, Yoshino and Japan Centre takeout only do sushi rolls. Really want to put a sad emoticon here but I'll refrain. The search continues...

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