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Miss USA 2011 - Final Update

I'm back with Miss USA fever! It's so close! Sadly I will not be able to watch the live telecast so you'll just have to watch it without me! You will not believe how long it took for me to watch the preliminaries. With only 0.66mbps I struggled to even load the nbc ustream playback so I had to suffer the lower quality of youtube and still wait 20 minutes for each 12-13 minute segment to load. It has literally taken me a whole day to watch it.

Anyway with the preliminaries over surely our favourites are all set but first here's a short summary of my thoughts on the prelim.

I think these 15 did the best in Evening Gown, in no particular order - I will change it to Top 16 for my final faves.

Texas, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, Massachusetts, Alabama and California.

Whilst for Swimsuit these were my Top 15.

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Arizona, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Washington, Georgia, Nebraska, Utah and Maine

Overall my Top 15 from preliminaries were;

California, Texas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Washington

Phew, now with that over the way here are my final favourites ranking. Sorry I'm rushing this.

My Miss USA 2011: California - Alyssa Campanella
She's simply the best for the job

Her 1st Runner Up: Hawaii - Angela Byrd
She is stunning and unique. She has to make it in the Top 16 or I'll faint

Her 2nd Runner Up: Texas - Ana Rodriguez
She has that aura of a beauty queen, despite not being the most photogenic she has the goods to deliver

Her 3rd Runner Up: Massachusetts - Alida D'Angona
With a striking face and brains to match she should definitely make the Top 4

Top 8
Maryland - Allyn Rose
Washington - Angelina Kayyalaynen
Arizona - Brittany Dawn Brannon
Connecticut - Regina Turner

Maryland is a true American beauty, she just needs to brush up on her performance. Washington is unique and has bundles of personality, she also has the upside of looking like a latina but also being European. Arizona still has it whilst Connecticut is beautiful and has good stage chops as well.

Maryland disappointed me in the prelims but she is naturally photogenic. If she loses her evening gown and dons something less "southern belle" I think she'll do better.

Washington impressed me with her sheer passion and eloquence. Her racial ambiguity is something I adore but I'm not sure Miss USA will.

Some people have written Arizona off but I still like her, she is a little short in stature but she still could make the Top 16.

Connecticut has been a dark horse throughout this competition, she hasn't had that much press and her interview video alienated a lot of supporters but she redeemed herself in the prelims I think.

Top 16
Illinois - Angela Sparrow
Utah - Jamie Lynn Crandall
South Carolina - Courtney Turner
Indiana - Jillian Wunderlich
Tennessee - Ashley Durham
Kentucky - Kia Hampton
Michigan - Channing Pierce
New Jersey - Julianna White

Illinois has a banging body and beautiful smile. Utah is a sentimental fave but I just want to shake her until she gets it! South Carolina is strong but over rated. Indiana is a decent Top 16, Tennessee has finally broken back into the top whilst Kentucky has been a slight disappointment. Michigan is refreshing but a time bomb whilst New Jersey is elegant and sexy.

Bubbling Under
New York - Amber Collins
Mississippi - Keeley Patterson
District of Columbia - Heather Swann
Florida - Lisette Garcia
Alabama - Madeline Mitchell
Pennsylvania - Amber-Joi Watkins
Georgia - Kaylin Reque
Kansas - Jaymie Stokes
Wyoming - Kaitlyn Davis
Missouri - Hope Driskill

Florida has pierced a lot of peoples Top 4 but I'm still reserved about her, a good performance in the finals could make me change my mind. Whilst I think Georgia is a bit too plastic for my liking but I see she has a good energy on stage.

Then there is the pack all fighting for the Top 24 spots. I honestly like most of the delegates this year. I only have 7 girls I'd not want to see in the Top 16 those are...

Rhode Island - Kate McCaughey
She's too short and isn't memorable

Vermont - Lauren Carter

New Hampshire - LacyJane Folger
Sadly something just doesn't resonate

Iowa - Rebecca Goldsmith
I'm not liking her hypersexface looks

South Dakota - Chandra Rae Burnham
Lose the soccer mum bob

Wisconsin - Jordan Marie Morkin
She just gives me the teen vibe

North Dakota - Brandi Lynn Schoenberg
I'm just not keen.

Anyway I leave you with what I think will happen tomorrow.

Top 16
Arizona - Brittany Dawn Brannon
Indiana - Jillian Wunderlich
New Jersey - Julianna White
District of Columbia - Heather Swann
Alabama - Madeline Mitchell
Georgia - Kaylin Reque
New York - Amber Collins
Illinois - Angela Sparrow

Top 8
Texas - Ana Rodriguez
Maryland - Allyn Rose
Tennessee - Ashley Durham
Hawaii - Angela Byrd

Top 4
South Carolina - Courtney Turner
Florida - Lissette Garcia
Massachusetts - Alida D'Angona

California - Alyssa Campanella

I almost don't trust my judgement because there aren't that many blondes. I'm just thinking on terms of who will do well in each stage. If swimsuit is first I think those 8 girls under my Top 16 will fall over the rest I have listed. For the Top 4 I'm going on the basis of hair colour actually! I'm quite convinced there'll be a blonde whilst maximum of one dark haired girl so from logic those 4 seem the most likely considering their evening gown performance as well. I still think Alyssa is going to win it but I'm not saying it's not impossible for a shock to occur.

However I know there are bound to be some shocks and this looks almost too perfect. I think Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Idaho and New Mexico have potential to make a few tremors (these 5 are not on any of my lists).

I only have one hour to go before I head to the airport so sadly I won't be able to make this post pretty but I've read posts that girls will be split into 4 groups and eliminations progress from there :S I don't get it yet but hopefully it'll all turn out for the better.

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