Sunday, 5 June 2011

Roland Garros 2011 Day 15 - Men's Final

I think it was pretty obvious Rafael Nadal was going to win because Nadal brings his best game for the Roland Garros finals and in general Federer doesn't have an answer to that, even though Federer was arguably in the best form he has been in for 2 to 3 years time and Nadal was playing quite averagely. There was a small part of me thinking Federer could take it but that was speedily quashed when he got caught in the first set after leading 5-2. Once Nadal won the first set it was obvious Nadal would win. In a way I didn't mind who won but I didn't really want such a final because it would either be Nadal's 6th Roland Garros or it'll push Federer's ego even further up if he won however if Federer did win Djokovic would be No.1.

I just hope the Men's tournament were more unpredictable like the women's tournament.

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