Friday, 3 June 2011

Miss Hong Kong 2011 Missed Opportunities

So in my previous post I talked about a few missed opportunities so here are the ones I think should have also been given a shot.

17 Year Old Janice Man Lookalike or Small Chested Chrissie Chau

She is undeniably pretty but being 17 and resembling two "lang mo" doesn't really fit with the MHK concept which is probably why Virginia Lok barred her from making the Hong Kong auditions Top 9.

Myolie Wu lookalike

I honestly think she would have been my No.1 favourite. She is very pretty and fresh, definitely a missed opportunity for MHK. I don't understand why she was eliminated though because she looks gorgeous, elegant and very charming.

MK Michelle Reis

MK means Mong Kok - at least I think so. She was a press favourite but got eliminated as well. I think she could have been a strong candidate as well but because of the bad press she received Miss Lok probably didn't want to be associated with her.

Hong Kong Version Kelly Lin

Though this girl has a very stiff smile she is undeniably pretty and interesting to look at, she has confidence and charm so I think she was another missed opportunity.

Some other Missed Opportunities I don't know the name of.
Not a great photo of her but she looks pretty sweet.

Lovely smile

Not a great picture but she feels very confident and fresh to me - though some might call her plain.

Confidence and charm. I get an MHK vibe from her - I think they called her "Hot Zhang Ziyi" - I guess Hot as in her dress, red and low cut, but she doesn't look anything like Zhang Ziyi

Not a great picture of her but I think she looks quite pretty on video

In my opinion the press got it right; Small Chested Chrissie Chau, Myolie Wu lookalike, MK Michelle Reis and Hong Kong Version Kelly Lin all should have made the final cut - especially the Myolie Wu lookalike. They should replace Mayanne, Iris and Susan to make a Top 16. Yeah I missed out Lena who was ranked 14th on my list but I'm starting to like Lena now, she's temporarily catapulted to 12th!

Yet again TVB you lost out by not including Myolie Wu lookalike who doesn't look like Myolie to me.

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