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My Sister of Eternal Flower

I'm pretty disappointed by the low ratings of My Sister of Eternal Flower because it is a decent series, in fact it is one of my favourites this year - though that isn't saying much. This year TVB has produced a lot of ok series, the good thing is that the quality on the whole is higher but there hasn't been any breakthrough series which I guess has rendered viewers bored of the similar plot lines. What My Sister of Eternal Flower has done well is keep it simple. TVB regularly confuses the audience with intricate but random plots however Eternal Flower stuck with a simple romcom storyline for a mentally disabled person. The story however is a bit bland with a very predictable story but lacking a strong backbone. The story basically is about a rich boy and a mentally disabled girl, they dislike each other at first but then fall in love but then they reach a hurdle however their love is so strong they overcome that in the end - yeah it has been done over and over in some sort of way. The plot doesn't really have a strong backbone to it; a story needs an intro, a problem and a resolution but I'm not sure the problem was interesting enough.

I don't think this is a copy of Square Pegs. I don't understand why viewers can't look pass the fact that the main character is a mentally disabled person. Just because the main character share a common trait doesn't make them the same at all. Charmaine's acting did have similarities to Roger but then I feel that there were definitely differences and variations when you watch the two. The main criticism I have would be why the stylists decided to give Charmaine a bob cut which was very similar to Roger's thus sparking comparisons. To me there's no problem learning from another actor but to say Charmaine copied Roger is going a bit too far.

Overall I enjoyed the series but I felt the direction of the last 5 episodes could have been better, I found the initial story much more interesting than the conclusion, as always with TVB series. However the series definitely deserved more recognition than it received. In my honest opinion I felt that the acting was better than the story here which is why I stuck with it and enjoyed it because the chemistry between the actors was there.

Best Actor
Raymond Lam

I honestly think if this series fared better Raymond could have a shot with My Sister of Eternal Flower, btw who in the world named it My Sister of Eternal Flower, it sounds very awkward. I think Raymond performed very well in this series acting as the spoilt rich boy at first and then slowly realising his faults. His portrayal was actually very realistic. I really do think it's time for Raymond to win the Best Actor award because out of those that haven't won it yet Raymond is definitely leading the race.

Best Actress
Charmaine Sheh

Say what you will but Charmaine did a very good job as Sister Fa. I think once you realise the story and character are not copies of Square Pegs and Ah Wong you'll begin to appreciate how well Charmaine actually portrayed a mentally disabled girl, I was most impressed with her hand gestures but I do agree her eyes could have shown more innocence. BTW I'm not a Charmaine fan. My favourite Charmaine moment was when Raymond first left the Fa house and Charmaine was saying bye bye to him from the balcony; Charmaine was so realistic in that scene. However there were areas where Charmaine could have improved on.

Best Supporting Actor
Pierre Ngo

Pierre Ngo did a decent job here but I felt rather lost about his character. What I did like was how the series didn't really have a villain because Pierre never really was a baddie, he just did a few questionable things but I think most would understand his motives. However I really wanted him to die, not that I hated him it's just that when he was diagnosed with being at the final stages of cancer I just thought "Please don't make it a happy, I survived, ending" it sounds pretty harsh but TVB has done this a lot. The plot really didn't exploit or educate the viewer as to why Pierre Ngo even needed to have cancer, it was just an obstacle which wasn't fully fledged out, it was pretty pointless tbh. 

Best Supporting Actress
Yoyo Chen

Another "supposed" baddie which I actually liked. I don't think Yoyo did much wrong, everything she did was quite natural in my opinion, in fact at times I was rooting for her. She did very well in this series but I feel there were some moments where emotions weren't truly realised. However I think it's time Yoyo gets a different type of role, she's always acting as the vixen though arguably this character was different I did actually think Yoyo was a great match for Raymond, if this was real life, and she didn't nothing wrong in the first 15 episodes of the series.

Toby Leung

I'm not a Toby fan but I liked Toby in this series, her portrayal was by on large very natural but I'm still slightly put off by the way she talks.

Catherine Chau

Whilst I think Charmaine did a better job as a mentally disabled character I think Catherine had her moments in the spotlight as well. She wasn't outperformed by Charmaine but they played off each other quite well. I think this series needed Catherine's character and she had very good chemistry with Charmaine.

Best Couple
Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam

This was no doubt the highlight of this series, I loved their chemistry when Raymond didn't know he loved Charmaine but Charmaine was always there for him. I admit once Raymond fell in love with Charmaine there were times it felt a little awkward but overall I think the relationship was very sweet.

Most Improved Actor
Jazz Lam

Jazz Lam is starting to get a few decent roles under his belt and I think he deserves some recognition because he does fill a gap in the TVB market.

Most Improved Actress
No Nominees

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh

She was simply adorable.

Best Chemistry
The Fa Family

It was very nice seeing the three because they did have a decent chemistry and it was great that they each had their scenes with each other because sometimes TVB likes to only focus on two characters and neglect the third.

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