Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Miss Hong Kong 2011 (14/06/11)

I haven't posted about MHK in a while and as I'm heading to the land of Miss Hong Kong I thought I'd give you an update of my opinions. Sorry as I'm getting on a plane tomorrow I'm being lazy and not attaching any photos.

No.12 Gwen Wang has withdrawn from the pageant, that's a real shame as she was a decent contender who had the potential to break into my Top 5. There will be no replacement - which is even more disappointing because it would have been great to see the 'Myolie Wu' lookalike back.

Basically at the moment the girls are in three groups to me; the leading, the chasing and the drowning.
The leading pack consists of; 3. Whitney, 5. Rebecca, 14. Hyman, 7. Sandy and 11. Lisa
The chasing pack consists of; 4. Giselle, 6. Nicole, 13. Gemma, 1. Janey and 15. Wyling
The drowning pack consists of; 9. Mayanne, 2. Iris, 8. Susan and 10. Lena

From recent videos 4. Giselle, 6. Nicole, 9. Mayanne and 14. Hyman impressed me with their eloquence - expect to see them in TVB soon after! Sandy's voice however is like a cute Cutie Mui! Lena is way too 'Mainland' for my liking. Whilst Gemma and Wyling's Chinese is not very good.

My favourite is Whitney, even though she has been receiving bad press I normally blank it out and solely focus on the delegates performance. Rebecca is also gaining steam. Hyman has surprised me on all fronts with her height, beauty and eloquence. Sandy has been a bit behind the scenes lately so has fallen to 4th - and she strikes me as more of a MHK from the 90s. Lisa looks strong also.

Giselle's eloquence is the main factor for her pushing into 6th place with Nicole also showing off good speaking skills. Gemma is getting prettier by the day whilst Janey is starting to lag and her voice is too cutesy. Wyling needs a makeover.

Mayanne's good communication skills and sweet face are starting to become endearing - look out Wyling you're 10th spot is in danger. Iris is actually quite pretty, as I said before she reminds me of Anita Yuen, but she needs to work on her image and angles. Susan is not impressing me much whilst Lena is just not what I want from MHK.

See you in a few days time.

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