Thursday, 20 August 2009

10th to 6th...

No.10 is CURACAO. Tell me Curacao isn't exotic, tell me Curacao isn't gorgeous - if you can you must be blind! She's an absolute gem and the most exotic girl in the pageant. She's photogenic and knows how to work the stage, sadly I don't believe Curacao would get a nod in the Top 15 because it's just not an MU thing to do! This beautiful stunner should have made it to all Top 15 charts but sadly she hasn't. If Angenie makes the Top 15 I'll be over the moon.

No.9 is GUAM! Guam another exotic beauty who is so cute you can't imagine. She's just adorable and photogenic. Sadly her height kills her runway performances and therefore even if she makes it to the Top 15 she'll probably be cut in the first round. I absolutely love Racine but sadly MU doesn't love her as much as I do as yet again a Top 15 placement will be a tough ask.

No.8 CHINA(AAAAAA)! I just love her! Originally I was skeptical but now I can't get enough of her. She's adorable, from her absolutely mad energy to her absolutely stunning height. Yao Wang is a sight to behold and extremely beautiful - possibly the most stunning Asian girl in the bunch. Sadly I find her runway somewhat stiff but hopefully that height and elegance would have caught the judges attention. China hasn't placed in a long time but if China wants to place again Yao Wang is definitely their best bet to get back on the MU map. She's a possible Top 15 but don't bet on it... yet.

No.7, SOUTH AFRICA. There's something about Tatum that you just can't forget about, she catches your attention even if you're not a fan. I love her to bits, she is my top African delegate. I think she'll make the Top 15 (hopefully!)

No.6 JAMAICA! If Miss Photogenic was really what it said on the tin then Jamaica will be on the top of the list to receive the award. Jamaica is just absolutely beautiful. However she's not the MU pageant girl I believe, MU wants sass not sweet and demure which I believe Jamaica is. Hopefully she'll make the Top 15 as I believe she deserves it as she's absolutely stunning and a good delegate in all aspects

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