Thursday, 20 August 2009

20th to 16th...

At 20th is CYPRUS! Is it a crime that I reminded of Miley Cyrus when I see Kielia (just of note, I'm not a Miley fan). She is just so fresh and cut, an adorable kitten. I'm quite sure she won't make the Top 15 but she absolutely deserves her Top 20 placement.

Crashing in at No.19 is PUERTO RICO! Some may say I've placed her too low but I believe she is placed about right. She's done quite well overall but she hasn't done anything of WOW note. However I love her personality and know she's probably going to make the Top 15.

No.18 is PHILIPPINES (did I spell it wrong!) Pamela should not be ashamed that she wasn't the favourite to win in her countries pageant as she's definitely one of the best girls in the MU bunch, though winning the title will be a far cry she definitely deserves recognition as she's a beautiful girl and absolutely demure. I'd love it if she makes the Top 15 but I'd reserve judgment on that.

N0.17 is ZAMBIA! An understated delegate who wowed me with her potential. She's so lovable, I really didn't expect it from a Miss Zambia. I hope she does well because you'd probably forget her in the mist of all the other beauties but she's an earhy beauty herself.

Cayman Islands was scheduled to be in my Top 10 but as I added an 11th criteria (my favouritism section) she sadly only made 16th. She's a great delegate but something is missing to really push her to the top. I still adore her though.

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