Friday, 21 August 2009

84th to 71st (Sad to say, the worst of this pageant)...

No.84 is..... CROATIA! She just didn't do well in any area and therefore by the end she became the infamous No.84 - scary that she's considered for a Top 15 placement.

No.83, GEORGIA! She actually looked quite feminine in the prelims but beforehand she looked awfully weird.

No.82 KOREA! Where are the Honey Lee's? There are so many pretty women in Korea why was Na Ri chosen? She's not ugly but she's definitely not the prettiest Korean girl I've seen.

No.81 is SLOVENIA! Basically she's forgettable and not that great anyway.

No.80 GREECE! Poor girl her walk is one step away from being as bad as New Zealand.

No.79 is EL SALVADOR! She had no confidence at the prelims which is her biggest fault as even the awful walkers Greece and New Zealand strutted their stuff with confidence.

No.78 TURKS AND CAICOS! The supposed ugliest woman of the pageant placed at 78! 6 girls below her! Don't be fooled by her Fadil shot because this is what a lot of photoshopping does for you! But I do have to say her confidence is a big asset.

No.77 is POLAND! erm Who....

No.76 is BULGARIA! I dislike her look a lot, she actually scares me!

No.75 is SERBIA! The tomboy never grows out of being a tomboy!

No. 74 is ISRAEL! The third worst walker of the pageant, she just walks like she's in the army.

No.73 ROMANIA! Yet again, who????

No.72 URUGUAY! She always looks like a deer in the headlights.

No.71 is ARUBA! She needs toning.

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