Thursday, 20 August 2009

15th to 11th...

Prepare yourself, 15th is PERU. Karen is one of those girls who I believe is underrated because she is absolutely gorgeous, though she may not have the runway credentials she has the look to hit most peoples spot. But MU isn't looking for the Peru type girl I believe so don't expect her to break the Top 15.

No.14 PANAMA! Yet again another underrated girl. In my opinion Diana is one of the prettiest girls in this pageant and deserves to be recognized. Her beauty is what holds her in this position and her absolutely beautiful National Costume managed to attain her the title of Best in National Costume (though this may be an omen rather than a blessing!)

No.13 THAILAND! Chutima is absolutely growing on me, she's so so adorable but yet again not what MU are normally looking for. Thailand have sent quite a few good delegates but all of them were barred I sadly believe Chutima will follow the same fate. This adorable personality ought to be rated much higher on the picking list.

No.12 EGYPT! Elham is a cosmopolitan African girl who wants to be recognized and here I have. She's absolutely fresh in my opinion and another underrated girl - it seems this post is full of underrated girls. She's sexy and fresh - could she make the Top 15? who knows.

No.11 GREAT BRITAIN. I've longed to have a British delegate make my Top 15 and here she is in the body of Clair Cooper. Not facially the most stunning but her personality ought to crown her here and now. She's just sass all over and absolutely genuine - she just wants to have fun and that what makes her so amazing. If MU didn't care about sashes Clair would be straight in for the kill but sadly GB isn't as big a sash as it used to be and I'm afraid Clair may leave empty handed.

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