Friday, 21 August 2009

50th to 41st...

50th is NAMIBIA!

49th is ECUADOR - She's a good runway walker and she had an interesting national costume.


No.47 is NEW ZEALAND! She's really pretty but so not pageant ready - just look at her catwalk!

No. 46 is BELGIUM! She's a favourite to make the Top 15 and undoubtedly she's really pretty but in my opinion she's really forgettable.

No.45 is NETHERLANDS! Netherlands is a pretty lass who should have scored well in my books considering she's half Korean but her performance at the prelims was more than underwhelming for this sudden sensation on the GlobalBeauties website.

No.44 is FINLAND!

No.43 is SPAIN! Personally I find Spain to have an odd look, but I don't mind her as long as she doesn't kick out any of my favourites from making the Top 15!

No.42 is UKRAINE! She's a totally different entity to the MU pageant. She's just a bit crazy I think! But that's the attraction which has led to many an insider stating a shock appearance in the Top 10 or 5 by the Ukrainian. I hope not!

No.41 is GUATEMALA! She really stood out in the prelims I thought and I'm starting to like her look, lets see what happens.

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