Thursday, 27 August 2009

Miss Hong Kong 2009

I'm quite late on this but better late than never - as I've always said.

For the first time since 1996 (Lee San San) my favourite actually won. Let's see my favourites in action since 1996.

1997 - Never watched it but I don't believe Virginia Yung would have been my favourite.
1998 - A girl called Jacqueline Cortes, she was the sweetest thing. Anne Heung seemed a bit old looking during the pageant for me.
1999 - I never watched the whole pageant but I know I'd route for Myolie Wu, Sonija was a good winner though.
2000 - Another year I never watched, so many C list TVBers were in this year! I think I'd choose Mandy Lam but they were all about similar for that year.
2001 - Never watched this either, Shirley may have been my favourite but I'll never know!
2002 - Finally a year I did watch! Though I did love Tiffany Lam, Rubyanna Choi just grasped me that year for some reason.
2003 - I never really liked her during the pageant, maybe because so many favourites were wrongly evicted, one of which being Selena Li, how did Priscilla Chi get 2nd Runner Up!
2004 - Yet again I never watched this but I had a connection with Fu Sze Sze as I predicted that the No.12 would make the Top 3, and she eventually made 2nd Runner Up.
2005 - Carrie LAM! She only made 2nd Runner Up - again! Hey I'm noticing a pattern.
2006 - KONI LUI! 2nd Runner Up AGAIN!
2007 - No real favourites but Loretta Chow was my favourite - 2nd Runner Up again!
2008 - My favourite was Angela Yiu - who didn't place! boo hoo.

And finally Sandy Lau made it happen again for me!
No.10 was a good 1st Runner Up, she performed decently throughout but she doesn't have the winners look. Mizuni was a favourite but with her performance it was somewhat shocking she made the top 3, how did she get the highest score in the swimsuit segment?

No.1 - She was really elloquent but I knew she wouldn't make it, I thought she did well though
No.2 - I like No.2 but I don't see why she was suddenly catapulted into the favourite position - she did well.
No.3 - Nah, average performance.
No.5 - She was a bit hard done by.
No.6 - Personally I thought that the Miss International Goodwill and Miss Tourism Ambassador would seal her 2nd Runner Up spot, never really liked her though. I guess the two awards are enough to justify her being in the photographs in the future.
No.7 - She did well, but her elephant tooth needs sorting out.
No.9 - A bit cocky actually and I never understood why she won Miss Photogenic, maybe to give her something as she was nominated by Sandra Ng.

Personally I thought the performances were about equal but I don't think Mizuni's performance on the night should have garnered her 2nd Runner Up. Nor did I believe that Sandy performed well but I'm still happy my favourite made it!

As for Miss Universe 2009, I know all the score and I'm estatic but I haven't seen the show yet so I'm going to wait till then to post.

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