Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Miss Universe 2009

What excites me this year is that there is no out right favourite. Pre MU09 we had Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Japan, Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico and even the USA considered as favourites since then I can safely say Japan, Czech Republic and USA have lost their favourite status and now seem to be on the edge. What excites me even more is that Global Beauties and Missosology seem to have a few differing opinions e.g. Paraguay at No.2 on Missosology. Currently the favourite seems to be Netherlands - yep she jumped out of nowhere; don't really understand why she's the favourite either! Australia, Peurto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico all seem to have held onto their favourites status also whilst USA and France seem to be a guarantee for the Top 15 as of now.
I've also been following the girls and I'm finally up to date with all the ongoings. My favourites currently are Venezuela and Guam both are currently on the sidelines for a Top 15 placement. France, Jamaica, Australia and the Dominican Republic are also hot on my list. I can tell you my favourites rarely win but generally my most favourite makes the Top 5 - Honey Lee MU07, Marianne Cruz/Elisa Najera MU08 etc. Currently my scoring is heavily leaning towards girls having good web interviews so my Top 15 don't exactly represent my favourite 15.
I think Australia has a natural charm but I find it unlikely that she'll win. Venezuela in my opinion is beautiful and charming but many find her plain. France is extremely outgoing and fun - just like Venezuela. Guam is a little darling whilst Jamaica has a sweet sophistication - oops I've just revealed my current highest scoring 5! I won't go into My Top 10 as I personally am shocked that some made it that far! I doubt Guam and Jamaica have a chance of making it to the Top 10 but I have faith in Australia, Venezuela and France to at least place in the Top 15 -you go girls! I'll update every few days on my favourites.
Whilst currently I'm extremely disappointed by Japan because she seemed so good before MU, hopefully she regains her favourite position. I'm also shocked by how the Netherlands became the favourite and how Missosology has placed some questionable girls in their Top 15 whilst barring Venezuela; though not a favourite to win she at least deserves a Top 15 placement she is no lesser compared Dayana Mendoza in my opinion.
I'm so excited to see who wins as unlike MU08 there isn't an outright favourite cough cough Dayana Mendoza.

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