Friday, 21 August 2009

70th to 61st...

No.70 is HUNGARY! A pretty girl with awful styling, that's what you can say for Hungary.

No.69 is GUYANA! At times she looks pretty at times she looks manly, she's Ok but there are better contestants.

No.68 is TURKEY!

No.67 is MALAYSIA! Don't really like her that much to be honest.

No.66 is ITALY! Welcome the Majesty of Fake, fake boobs, fake lips and probably everything else is covered with plastic! She looks aged as well, a being of human modification.

No.65 ALBANIA! She walks leaning forward erm... like a Duck!

No.64 KOSOVO! She did quite well at the prelims but I still don't like her that much.

No.63 is TANZANIA! She's got this weird look about her, she needs to smile more.

No.62 GERMANY! I like her but her performance doesn't allow me to score her any higher.

No.61 is MAURITIUS! An earthy beauty and very intelligent but MU doesn't value a girl without BEAUTY!

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