Friday, 21 August 2009

60th to 51st

No. 60 is ESTONIA! She's extremely stiff on the runway, my only comment.

No.59 is BRAZIL! I don't like her look but she is quite sassy on the catwalk.

No.58 is ICELAND! Her Fadil shot is gorgeous but she isn't that amazing in real life. An ok contestant.

No.57 is MONTENEGRO! If only she styled herself like the Fadil shot she may have been a contender.

No.56 is NORWAY! Her excessive eye make up makes her look like a hag! oop did I actually write that!

No.55 is ARGENTINA! She's really pretty but another girl who's not pageant ready.

No.54 is USA! The queen of Fake has arrived! A favourite - my ass! She's as fake and as copycat as Miss California, we thought we got the better of the two but uh uh she's just as bad! However she does have a decent (but copycat) walk totally copied from Taliana Vargas. Arizona, Utah, Kentucky, Tennessee or Arkansas would have been better than her.

No.53 is LEBANON! There's something really captivating about her but there's a limit to that.

No.52 is BAHAMAS! The host nation lands at 52, a respectable if not unexpectedly low ranking from me. I do like her and believe she's probably going to make the Top 15, come on when was the last time a host contestant didn't.

No.51 is SWITZERLAND! She's actually really beautiful but forgettable.

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