Saturday, 29 August 2009

Miss Universe 2009

Finally I got to watch Miss Universe 2009 (after downloading the huge file), but it was worth the wait! Anyway here is what I made of the pageant.

Firstly I'd like to talk about my predictions! I got 8 out of 15, which is about what I normally get. Here's my reasoning to why some of my predictions went wrong...
Bahamas - Maybe she was a bit fake as everything did sound a bit rehearsed with her.
Colombia - My initial worry was because she was a bit too different in the prelims, I guess that sealed her fate.
Japan - I didn't expect her to make it but I thought the Japan syndrome was still strong
Mexico - I thought she'd make it but I did say I wouldn't put my money on her.
Paraguay - Well she was a filler for me, the judges decided on another filler.
Spain - She never really stood out, but I was drawn to the Spanish sash and her slight uniqueness.
Ukraine - Well I guess she was too much for MU.

Of the girls I predicted I generally got where they were evicted except of course Miss Venezuela - love ya!
I failed to see 3 girls coming and they were Sweden, Albania and Iceland. I didn't list Croatia either but I had a gut feeling she'd make it! However there were two girls I still don't understand how they got through and those two are Albania and Croatia. They both did average at the web interviews and neither stood out in the prelims for me. Albania walks like a duck and Croatia reminds me of the Korean women, Hang Mioku, who injected oil into her face - sorry but it's my honest opinion.

It was slightly frustrating that everybody was hinting at Carrie Prejean's controversy, expecially Billy Bush - get over it! One comment about Dayana Mendoza - doesn't she look scarily thin! Claudia Jordan's voice was also kinda irritating.

I was quite annoyed about the exclusion of Asian delegates - what about China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines even Vietnam or Japan. At least one of those stated should have made it through.

I didn't like Heidi Montags song but it would have brought more oomph to the swimsuit segment, I liked Flo Rida but I believe the beat of Heidi Montag's song would have worked even better. Was anyone worried that Richard Lefrak, one of the judges, was going to faint! He kept on blinking! Just a side note - Miss India looked really old, Miss Serbia looked like a zombie and Miss Poland looked extremely bored - like her personality!

Ok finally onto the pageant...
Personally I didn't like the Swimsuit runway, it was way too short. My top 5 for this segment were Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Australia and South Africa (France was a close 6th). Puerto Rico had a nice walk with a twist - I don't understand why the judges scored her so lowly. Venezuela looked gorgeous - she really popped in my opinion. Dominican Republic was as per usual - fun and vibrant. Australia did a decent job whilst I loved South Africa's walk. I wasn't the biggest fan of Kosovo because she looked a bit too boney for me. Albania looked like she was going to kill me! Czech Republic is overrated, she looks drained to me. If I was the judge I would have kicked out Switzerland and Czech Republic and instead let Belgium and Iceland through - or Indonesia and Jamaica! :) jk.

Evening Gown
I love Kelly but she sounded a bit scary! Overall I missed the simple dresses e.g. Puerto Rico's, all of the dresses were covered with load of different things. My Top 5 were Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, France and Australia (Kosovo was a close 6th). Just to say I would have dumped Kosovo for France! Anyway, Dominican Republic had a well rounded performance, Puerto Rico was sexy and vibrant, Venezuela was stunning - didn't really like the walk though, France did a good job whilst Australia looked beautiful, I use to love her dress but now I'm not the biggest fan. Why didn't Kosovo make my Top 5? Though I thought she looked elegant and the dress was gorgeous I didn't like her figure and to be honest I still wasn't really overwhelmed by her looks. Overall for the girls that were evicted I felt that Switzerland was way way overrated whilst USA, though I hate her, was given lower than expected scores.

The Misc Awards
China, Oh I Love China. She really deserved her Miss Congeniality - she oozes congeniality. Though Thailand isn't the most photogenic I think she deserves some recognition as I love her personality.

Final Question
Before I go on I don't think anybody did particularly outstandingly in this years final question but most of them did well.
Dominican Republic - I didn't like her question, too yes or no, no room for development. Though I think she had a lot of charisma in answering the question the answer in the end was slightly plain. I also felt that Dominican Republic looked the least pretty out of the 5 at this point! Though she's still pretty I felt she looked a bit tired.
Australia - Her question was a very good one, it allowed her to develop her answers and there were a lot of pathways she could have gone down. I was dissapointed with her answer as it was just too straight forward, out of the five questions thid was the easiest to look good in my opinion.
Puerto Rico - I think he question was worded very confusingly, it seemed like Riyo Mori purposely wanted to set a trap for Mayra! She could have easily fallen into the trap but I felt she did very well in answering her question and was shocked when she only got 4th Runner Up - like Mexico last year.
Venezuela - Her question was on the same topic as Puerto Rico's which I felt was a bit iffy. I liked her answer though, it was simple but left you contemplating, however her gestures were a bit off putting to me.
Kosovo - Her question was difficult, she could easily have sounded vain. I found her answer to be confusing, it could have been the translator but it just didn't flow. Sadly I thought her answer was the weakest out of the 5.

Final verdict
There really needed to be a Top 20 in my opinion - there were so many good delegates shut out. Anyway, after 3 rounds of scoring the Top 5 my rankings looked like this...
Puerto Rico - She performed decently throughout the night which is why I don't understand her low scoring. Like Mexico last year in my opinion - unfairly placed. I personally thought she was the best of the night! Go Mayra! You weren't even in my Top 20 prelim performances! I love your personality and vibe though.
Dominican Republic - I felt that she performed well throughout the night however she didn't really have any highs or lows.
Venezuela - My favourite girl came in at 3rd. To be honest her performance was good but there were a few things that irked me, however she still did well.
Australia - I got the feeling that she was holding back. She didn't flow as well on the night, she looked sweet but she didn't give it to us!
Kosovo - Though she is by no means as bad as Russia 08 I felt that she didn't perform that strongly, I was a bit dissapointed when Puerto Rico came 5th and Kosovo came 3rd. I didn't really mind her Top 5 placement but to come at 3rd after such a confusing answer was a bit shocking.

Though I believe Venezuela wasn't the strongest performer I think she was the best for MU out of the 5 as she was quirky, sassy, relatable and had a definitive look. Dominican Republic would have been another choice, in fact both have similar qualities that MU likes, but she lacked something that Venezuela had. Australia in my opinion was a bit tame for MU, however much websites tried to persuade me that she was a raging looney in side. Kosovo's look has past its faze - she's more of a early 21st Century MU, whilst Puerto Rico was a strong performer but she didn't show her personality during the night, Venezuela felt more down to earth and real which is what MU is looking for in my opinion. Overall there were some things that annoyed me but generally I was happy with the results, but I was shocked when I read that Venezuela had won, I loved her but I didn't really expect it - I'd have put her odds at 30 to 1 simply because she's not the best of walkers, luckily she looked stunning on the night. Congrats Stefania, you really deserve it.

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