Friday, 14 August 2009

ANTM 13 Contestants First Look


I like Ashley but she looks like the type of girl that can either wow us with every shot or flop at the very start, hopefully she's the former of the two. She does look a bit like Ciara, as one comment I read said.


I don't dislike her but from the picture there's not much for me to like. She's Ok but as I like quite a lot of girls this cycle she ranks quite low on my list from what I've seen.


She's Ok at the moment, I like her more than Bianca but I don't particularly like or dislike her as of yet.


She reminds me of the contestants from much earlier cycles, she just looks much more classic and maybe what ANTM went for a few years back. Currently I'm not keen.


Erin seems to be an early netizen favourite, I like her but she isn't exactly my favourite. Hopefully she's not another Natalie Cycle 12 (some people have been comparing the two) as I found Natalie's photos to be utterly average.


Her official portrait isn't that great but everything else I've seen of her is really good. As she's Asian I've got to support her!


Her official portrait reminds me of Claudia Winklemann mixed with a home design TV presenter. She's OK at the moment but yet again I've got to see more.


She needs an instant makeover, I see the potential but currently she looks a bit flushed.


I like Lisa, She's got the sass which I think goes far in this competition. Hopefully she brings some entertainment to this cycle.


Like Lisa I like her kinda edgy sassiness and pardon me if this is politically incorrect but I like black girls on ANTM.


It's hard to know if I like her as of yet, she looks like she's a talkative person but all this is unknown until I start watching the show.


Currently I don't like her that much simply because I don't see the model in her, this can all change very very quickly.


Another netizen favourite, I also like Rae but crossing her legs like that makes her look like she's in the middle of Irish Dancing as well as looking short.


She looked South Asian to me in this photo but I quickly realised she isn't and actually looks quite different in the other photo I've seen of her.

Top Favourites: Jennifer, Lisa, Lulu, Rae
Likes: Ashley, Erin, Nicole, Sundai
OK's: Brittany, Kara,
Need to See More: Bianca, Courtney, Laura
Iffy: Rachel

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