Friday, 21 August 2009

40th to 36th...

40th is COSTA RICA! She is a natural beauty though she does look a little big at times.

39th is PARAGUAY! I'm beginning to like Paraguay a lot, she just looks like she's enjoying herself and she looks truly genuine, if she does make the Top 15 I wouldn't mind.

No.38 is SLOVAK REPUBLIC! She is a pretty girl with some decent moves, she was also an early favourite but now I don't see her chances of winning.

No.37 is ETHIOPIA! To be honest she looks mean, she looks a bit diva-ish as well but she is definitely pretty.

No.36 is CZECH REPUBLIC! I really don't understand why she's considered a favourite. She has performed OK but she is so not right for MU, I don't actually think she's that pretty anyway. I think she's a decent contestant but not good enough to place in the Top 15.

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