Thursday, 20 August 2009

30th to 26th...

No.30 is BOLIVIA! Bolivia is Ok to me and that's why she places 30th. She's done well in general but something doesn't click. Still I wouldn't mind if she made the Top 15.

No.29 is VIETNAM(VievieVIETNAM)! She's a bit crazy but crazy is good, lol! She tends to look weird when she tries to be sexy but other than that she's a nice delegate. I don't think she'll make the Top 15 but it's possible.

No.28, RUSSIA! I like Russia, she's not the prettiest but she oozes sex appeal - not from the nude photos she did though. She's just has that thing about her, the Russian Bomb, possibly a Top 15 don't know.

No.27 is NIGERIA! She looked absolutely stunning in the prelims which is why she jumped into the Top 30's. I think she could have climbed higher if I saw more of her on video, hopefully I'll see more of her on the night.

No.26 is ANGOLA! Angola is a decent delegate who seems a bit fake but acceptable. I do like her though and wouldn't mind if she made the Top 15.

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