Thursday, 20 August 2009

25th to 21st...

At No.25 is CANADA! In my opinion Mariana is absolutely beautiful though a lot of websites seem to suggest otherwise and state her body is the appealing factor which in my opinion is waaaay too thin. She's still adorable though.

No.24 is IRELAND! Diana has that classy appeal but I hate her hairstyle! I think she's a nice fresh face that has the intelligence to add to that.

No.23 is INDIA! Ekta is a modern Indian women who screams sophistication, though not facially stunning she makes that up with her regal aura and intelligence. I'd love to hear her final answer but I doubt she'll make it that far.

No.22 is SINGAPORE! Rachel Kum is the most adorable thing I've seen in MU. Though she didn't perform well in the prelims my liking of her was enough to push her into 22nd. I don't think she'll make it but who knows.

No.21 is MEXICO! Karla, a favourite by many places 21st, by no means a bad position. I do like her but her look is type that I rarely place too high. She does seem to be a bubbly personality and will probably make the Top 15.

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