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Here I'm going to make a prediction to which of the 84 girls will make the Top 15 (note my predictions don't mean I like them!) This was a quick glance over who I believe has the best chance of making the Top 15 but in general there's always 1 or 2 that you never expected normally because they don't want too tough a competition for the real favourites (I normally get about 9 right).

Come on there is absolutely no way this crowd, insider, bookies and pageant reviewer favourite will not make the Top 15, in fact I'll be shocked if she doesn't make the Top 5! However I personally don't believe she'll win (even if the bookies think so).

PREDICTION: I'm betting she'll place 3rd aka 2nd Runner Up.

In the past ten years how many times has the host nation not made the Top 15? She's also not that bad a contestant so there will be no dispute even if she made it.

PREDICTION: Top 15 placement failing at the first hurdle.

I personally was quite iffy on whether she'll make it to the Top 15 but buoyed by the strength of the Colombian sash and Taliana's performance last year (as MU is all about building on previous years strength) I believe she'll possibly be a Top 15.

PREDICTION: May not make Top 15 but if she does she'll make the Top 10 (risky on Top 5 but also possible if Top 5 I'm betting on 4th aka 3rd Runner Up)

Even though I think she's so not MU I just believe she'll make the final 15. I think her statuesque figure and modeling background will catch the judges attention.

PREDICTION: Top 10/5 (if she makes the top 5 I'm betting on her being 5th aka 4th Runner Up, however as there are quite a few tall girls in the bunch, normally MU have a bigger range, she could be kicked out)

If she doesn't make the Top 15 it'll be the biggest shock in pageantry this year simply because she's got the MU vibe.

PREDICTION: Though I do predict her winning I'd like to be more modest and state a Top 5 placement. Also I'm not outright predicting her as the winner because of Amelia Vega's win in 03, I don't believe Dominican Republic is a strong enough sash to produce two wins in six years, maybe in 2012, however they have produced two 2nd Runner Ups since Amelia's win (all about building sash power!)

France is on the edge, she has the MU vibe but if too many girls are like that they'll definitely lose their appeal - which is why MU limit the number of these girls making it through. The French sash is also weak therefore I don't predict her making it far.

PREDICTION: She may not get in but if she does, Top 10 (small chance of Top 5)

Though Emiri's performance has been disappointing I believe the Riyo Mori aura hasn't burnt out yet, that's the only reason why Hiroko Mima made it last year (no offense). The Japanese sash is still strong this decade so I believe she'll make the Top 15


She's another one I wouldn't put my money on but is definitely more likely to make the Top 15 than say El Salvador.

PREDICTION: If she makes Top 15 then she'll make the Top 10

I think she'll make it into the Top 15 as she's not a strong favourite but a recognizable girl which won't spark controversy if she made the Top 15.


The Puerto Rican sash is strong and Mayra is no weakling, therefore I believe she'll make it through. There is a slight doubt in my mind but I think she'll make it.

PREDICTION: Top 5 (Anywhere is possible besides winning I believe)

I have an inkling feeling that Tansey Coetzee's early loss last year will affect her scoring (giving her a higher score!) I don't know why I think this because Angola 08 didn't get that treatment after Micaela Reis. But I believe she'll make it.

PREDICTION: Top 10 (my inkling feeling may push her to Top 5 or even further - lol what would that be!)

Another Paraguay in my opinion.


I've succumbed to all the rumours, I think she'll make the Top 15 because she is noticeable.


The queen of fake will obviously make it, no question of a doubt. I believe Miss USA has only failed to make it 4 times in the whole history of MU.

PREDICTION: Top 10, possible Top 5 (if so I'd say a 3rd Runner Up)

How many times has Venezuela not made the Top 15 in the last 30 years? I don't think Stefania will be shut out because Venezuela is so strong a sash and she ain't that bad. But her walk isn't the best which may mean an early exit.


Of course if you follow properly you'll know the figures don't add up! It's just too difficult to predict who'll make the Top 5,10 etc but these 15 are in my opinion the best bets to make the Top 15.

Jamaica - she got a lot of cheers from the local crowd and is a good filler.
China - MU may want to restore China's MU sash
Ireland - Only succumbing to the bookies wishes
Angola - I'm not restricting my options
Russia - Last year that thing managed to make the Top 5, Miss Russia 09 is miles better than her, but I'm worried about her scandal.
Slovakia - She'll make a good filler.
Costa Rica - Something lures me to her.
Guatemala - Yet again something lures me to her
Belgium - She is Missosology's No.1 Hot Pick for a reason
Nicaragua - Something lures me to her.
Ecuador - Something lures me to her.
Switzerland - Something lures me to her.
Kosovo - Would MU make Kosovo 2 out of 2, dunno.
Italy - It could happen for faketastic
Hungary - Possible.

I've covered all grounds, if anyone outside of the 15 named and the other 15 listed I'll be shocked, it could be a nice shock e.g. Indonesia or a bad shock e.g. Croatia. See you about MU in a few days as I'll be on the plane - need to download it!

Ok final word, my favourite for the crown is Dominican Republic.

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