Saturday, 29 August 2009

My brother's at it again

Today I was on the phone with my dad, as he's currently in Hong Kong. He asked me what where we were and what we were doing. Of course I stated that I was at home doing nothing. Then I mumbled that my brother had just come back home (at 10am), my dad didn't here me but my brother did! Acting as he always does, as if he doesn't care, he asked me why I gave him a short reason and thought it was over and done with but then he begins an attempt to annoy me. He starts asking me - what do you wanna do in life, what's your goals - HELLO you've asked me this for the tenth billion time and I always answer you in the same way. He knows that gets me annoyed so he purposely said it. He went on to say "if you like art you'll be doing it now!" Artists have free time! They don't just "art" all day. "You need a goal, what do you wanna do, why are you not thinking about this" As I've said for the upteenth time I want to go to art college to do art foundation and find what path I'll follow! He continues with the same reply that "No no no, you should know what you wanna do by now!" Aaahhh, just don't aggravate me if you don't know me! And I've got to live with him for another month! GOD HELP!

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