Thursday, 20 August 2009

Finally The Top 5!

At No.5 is VENEZUELA! Venezuela never fails to provide a great delegate. Though this comment may spark controversy I find Stefania Fernandez (Miss Venezuela Universe 09) to be better than Dayana Mendoza and Ly Jonaitis! Simply because Stefania has the heart and personality of a true Miss Universe. Dayana is pretty and outgoing but personally I found she overdid her look at MU08 whilst Ly was a decent finalist but never would she win MU. Sadly Stefania will probably fall at the first hurdle of the Top 15 because she is by no means the best runway girl Venezuela has provided Miss Universe but I believe a Top 15 finish is not too hard to achieve. In my opinion Stefania is gorgeous and in fact probably my favourite girl, sadly she is less pageant ready compared to the other girls so dropped to 5th place on my leader board. Her preliminaries weren't great but her interview should save her. I've heard a lot of comments about her looking like a plain Eastern European girl but I don't think so, sadly Miss Venezuela's always overuse makeup, I believe with less sleazy lipstick Venezuela will look one of the best.

At 4th is INDONESIA! Zivanna Letisha Siregar is vivacious, sexy and bubbly; fully deserving a Top 5 placement in my opinion. She is also stunningly beautiful and my favourite Asian contestant year. She's also hugely photogenic as you can see in the photo on the left. Sadly Indonesia may be shut out totally from the Top 15 simply because she's Miss Indonesia. Her performance has been strong throughout the three weeks and her swimsuit presentation in the preliminaries was definitely one of the best in the whole pageant (if not THE best). She's listed on many Top 20's I've seen but in my opinion she should be on most Top 10's because she is just a bundle of fun (and can only work at MU).

No.3 is FRANCE! Chloe Mortaud personifies the MU energy in my opinion. She's fun, outgoing, beautiful, intelligent, witty and is unique. Like with Miss Venezuela I've loved her since watching her interview because her personality is just WOW. She should be safe for the Top 15 but who am I to say; Hawaii was my favourite (and a lot of other peoples favourite) pre Miss USA 09 but in the end she was barred from the Top 15. She has the energy of Dayana and Riyo (though not as much as Amelia Vega - my favourite MU from the MU's I've watched - note I've watched from 03 onwards) and I'm sure her final question will be as good as (if not better than) the two. I'd love to see her in the Top 15 but she seems to have been under the Top 5 radar for quite a while so as of now she's still not a sure bet.

At No.2 AUSTRALIA! Yep even I've fallen for Rachael Finch. She's not actually that amazing but there's something about her that you just can't not recognize, I tried with all my wit to place her lower but I just couldn't without feeling guilty. She's got the youth, the looks, the brains, the edge and possibly everything else. She's also listed as THE favourite by many insiders but I just don't think she'll win. She just seems to tame for what Miss Universe has been looking for in the past 3 years... Zuleyka, Riyo and Dayana all had bustling personalities whilst Rachael's personality is more sweet and demure from the outside. Still I believe a Top 10 is a definite for this aussie stunner.

And now we have my No.1 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! No it's not a coincidence that both Rachel and Ada are at the Top 2 positions when both are listed as insider faves, in fact Ada had to work for her position at the top spot as initially I wasn't convinced. She's just the all round MU, she's undeniably got the MU vibe about her that will surely place her in the Top 5 (she may not have placed in the Top 5 in Miss World but this is MU we are talking about who appreciate a totally different type of girl). Though there is a trend that most candidates do better at Miss World than Miss Universe... But I'm sure Ada will be an exception - she's too hot a favourite not to make at least the Top 15 and her prelims weren't all that bad anyway

It's quite interesting that my Top 5 span all across the world... South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Central America (only Africa was barred)

Well that's it I've done my 84, next is predictions - the true test!

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