Thursday, 20 August 2009

35th to 31st...

35th is SWEDEN! She amazingly scored higher than I anticipated! Well I guess she looks Ok, it's just the squinted eye that has me iffy about her.

No.34 is JAPAN! The biggest disappointment of the pageant is Japan, she had so much potential pre arrival but for some reason she has lost a lot of that dazzle. I'd really like to see her perform on the finals night - hopefully she'll get a chance as I think the Japan craz is not over just yet at MU.

No.33 is HONDURAS. Though I like her I was shocked when early betting odds stated her as the favourite. Anyway she's a cute looking girl that I wouldn't mind breaking into the Top 15.

No.32 is COLOMBIA! Many seem to think her prelims performance was fantastic, I state otherwise, she is a chameleon though which may be good for MU.

No.31 is GHANA! She was relatively forgettable during the early stages placing about mid table but she made her mark in the prelims and is no longer forgettable (to me anyway).

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