Thursday, 29 January 2009


Oh My God, I didn't realize that the ANTM girls had been posted on the web, but now I know! I was really excited about this cycle as from the candids I've seen, the girls looked like a strong bunch. Well lets go onto the contestants shall we!
If you haven't seen them here's a link:

Allison has a cute look which does appeal to me in certain aspects, she looks totally different from past ANTM girls which is good but I wasn't too sure about her portrait shot. Interested but not loving her yet - emphasize on the yet, she may strike me like an Analeigh!

I liked Aminat's afro and the style she portrays in her portrait shot, in some aspects she reminds me of Danielle Cycle 6 - the first ANTM I watched the whole of. I really hope she isn't a flop like a few of the girls last year.

I'm not liking Celia to be honest, mainly because of her portrait shot, she kind of reminds me of a past ANTMer but I just can't put a name to it.

Love the name Fo! and I do see how some people think she looks like Leslie Cycle 6. She looks a bit tame at the moment but I'll reserve judgment because I think she's one of my favourites currently.

Isabella looks OK but her body proportions in her portrait look well out of line. I'm hoping she comes out with some sass and maybe a makeover will help her like Sam Cycle 11, as at the start you can barely remember her, but after her makeover she was much more striking.

Jessica has an unconventional look I think, she may get compliments for her being racially ambiguous (remember Elina who then failed towards the end of the show!)

Kortnie! Though I like her name spelt Courtney more. Anyway she looks like a girly girl to me but she doesn't have a great pose - if any! However she works as a Non-Profit Organizer so that must say something about her personality right?

LONDON, no not where I live but the contestant London! Love the name! Anyway she seems ok but I don't like her portrait shot - it makes her look really short, seriously like 5 foot 3 short. Every cycle we seem to get a girl who has done more previous work than other girls e.g. Allison Cycle 10, Analeigh/Sheena Cycle 11. She seems more like an Allison but lets hope she can bring some of her experience to the shots unlike Allison.

Natalie doesn't really attract with her portrait shot - not too keen but every cycle I find someone's portrait shot awful but then end up liking them! Like Sheena Cycle 11 (more for the personality), Anya Cycle 10 etc.

Nijah, another exotic name, loving the names this year - very un ANTMey. I like her, though I'm not to keen on the portrait shot, I think I saw her on a photo in Brazil but I'm going to try not to predict as last season I got my head in a twist trying to predict the winner (even though it was so blatant in the end - too blatant for ANTM!)

Sandra looks cool - like her a lot! For some reason she makes me think of Naima cycle 4 - must be her hair. I'm not really seeing the Nnenna/Ambreal fusion people are talking about but I hope she won't be like Nnenna who dissapointed me so so much - Ambreal too, though I still like her!

Tahlia's portrait shot is probably the worst as her smile looks so tense and I don't like what she's wearing - but actually not many girls have impressed me with their portrait shot. I think I'll like her personality as she seems bubbly but slightly shy but I don't want to like her too much in case she leaves early!

Teyona looks good to me, though I'm hoping she has a nice personality because I can't really tell from her portrait shot.

I swear that two of the girls in the photo of Brazil are Jessica and Allison, but yet again I'm not going to predict, that much! Oh I just realised Tahlia was the girl who has burns all over her body - I feel so sorry for her but I know she won't go far as she's kind of a press attention for the show like Isis was last cycle. For some reason the girls remind me of the early ANTM girls rather than the recent ones. In the past cycles I judged the girls portrait shots but I won't anymore as I've learnt not to do that because they distort the figures of their actual performance in the show.
Can't wait until the 25th Feb - it will be 2 days before my b'day as well!

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