Friday, 30 January 2009

Australian Open Men's Pre Final

Only two days left! So lets recap from my last post.
Well lets start back from Round 16.
I was slightly dissapointed that Gael Monfils retired in the third set but the shock was that Murray lost to Verdasco - and what would subsequently happen. I always thought Murray and Djokovic had a tougher draw than Federer and Nadal - like always, and that showed when Verdasco beat Murray in 5 sets. Though I was sad about it I felt like telling all the supporters of Murray winning the title; I told you so!
The quatrefinal was characterized by Djokovic's retirement and Federer absolutely thrashing Juan Martin Del Potro - my friend went as far to say that Federer was walking to the ball in half of the points. Still devastated that Djokovic didn't make the semis but hopefully he'll push on from here.
The semifinals was everything we wanted, Nadal Vs Verdasco - the longest match in Australian Open history - by a mere 3 minutes. Roddick Vs. Federer - though a comprehensive win by Federer it showed how Roddick may still have the potential to reach a Grand Slam final.
I was in school when Nadal played Verdasco - but I didn't know it would last nearly my whole school day - I remember hearing the score when Verdasco won the 4th set and saying "yes Verdasco will win!" Sadly he didn't but at least he pushed Nadal to his end. I hope Verdasco can continue this form as I don't want to see a Tsonga from him (out for most of the season and then resurge towards the end).
Well it's yet again a Nadal Vs. Federer (which is why I wanted Verdasco to win). I really don't want to see Federer win again however I don't want Nadal to win in that it seems too early for him to conquer the hard courts as well. But if I had to choose I hope it will be a victory for Nadal.

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