Thursday, 15 January 2009

Utada Hikaru - Come Back to Me

I'm late on this but I didn't listen to it until two days ago. My first impression was, wow this is not like Asian music; which I thought BoA's Eat You Up is very reminiscent of. I actually liked this song maybe because Utada is fluent in English so it doesn't sound awkward. It's a good solid song by Utada which should receive praise because it's very Utada but also fits into the American market. However I think Utada isn't getting enough coverage like her Asian counterparts Se7en, Rain and BoA, we do have to remember how Exodus didn't even make it into the Billboard Top 100 - Island records definitely need to work around this. But anyway Come back to Me has a nice tune and has a smooth rhythm. The only complaint is that I think at times it tries to do too much at once making it sound a little too conpact however you'll barely realize that time past when you listen to the 3 minutes and 57 seconds of Come back to Me. Definitely a contender for a Top 20 Asian songs spot for my Best of 2009, though it's only January!


  1. >wow this is not like Asian music

    it's not

  2. Yeah I know it wasn't produced in Asia or anything but it's just that I would have thought Utada would bring in some Jpop essence to her English music cause she's a songwriter right? - though I haven't heard much of Exodus.
    Anyway thanks for commenting :)

  3. oh, and by me saying "a Top 20 Asian songs spot for my Best of 2009" it's me saying a Top 20 song by an Asian artiste.