Sunday, 18 January 2009

MCI Final Part 1

I just finished watching MCI and I thought the results were mixed as usual, some utter shocks and some totally predictable. Firstly I’ll go through each girl.

No.1 Auckland: Yenyi Lee
She was one of the more photogenic candidates and had a likeable personality – her command of Cantonese was good but I found her eloquence to be average. Her Top 8 place was not shocking to me but personally I wouldn’t have placed her in the Top 8. But in the Top 8 she did show charm and continued to look pretty.

No.2 Beijing: Dong Yiyun
She was the shock of the night; before the pageant I had totally ruled her out besides noting her possible eloquence due to her TV presenting. On the night she shined and sparkled – she was much more photogenic, showed good taste, had eloquence and everything else. She performed 110% so I was totally annoyed when she didn’t make the Top 5 whilst other less deserving candidates did – I’ll reveal later!

No.3 Chicago: Nancy Kwong
On the night she didn’t sparkle, her speeches were fake and too rehearsed and she just didn’t stand out.

No.4 Chongqing: Liu Sitong
At times I found her pretty at times I thought she had a way to go, but overall she did well. To me she was a good contestant but it wasn’t enough.

No.5 Foshan: Yang Yun
She had charisma and was well spoken, her look was OK but she didn’t have the overall presence to wow the judges.

No.6 Guangdong: Liu Jiaxuan
Generally OK, not a standout though and because of that I have very little to comment on her.

No.7 Hangzhou: Guo Yuliang
It was great to see that she coped so well in a pageant that is normally very inexperienced in contestants that don’t speak a form of Chinese, she was likeable but in the end she faded like most other contestants did.

No.8 Harbin: Zhang Yehan
The judges gave her such a harsh score for her Swimsuit round! But anyway she was a good contestant and if there was a Top 12 I’d put her in.

No.9 Heilongjiang: Zhang Xiuxiu
In the end I found her the weakest contestant of the pack. Her looks were average, her style and presence were average, her eloquence was below par; everything just cumulated into a less than impressive showing.

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