Sunday, 18 January 2009

MCI Final Part 3

No.20 Seattle: Jiang Ni
Another shock of the night was Jiang Ni, I’m so sorry I lost faith in her early on. But anyway she was a strong contestant and I expected her to reach the Top 8 and then the Top 5. I personally placed her 2nd out of the Top 5 and actually only 0.02 away from my winner (tell you when I get to her – only Tubingen, Vancouver and Toronto to go!). I was so annoyed when she didn’t get a top 3 and SKYE did. I actually thought she would get a Top 3 spot because she talked about the Sichuan earthquake and looked very classy throughout the night and it seemed liked the judges liked her talent too. I wonder where she lost marks.

No.21 Singapore: Valentane Huang
She wasn’t eloquent and her looks were around average – at points below. I would never expect her to make the Top 8 because she isn’t a pageant girl.

No.22 Sydney: Yuki Wang
Sadly I have no memory of her in the pageant!

No.23 Tahiti: Asia Hiou-Hamill
I liked her, she’s totally underhyped. She looks pretty and had a good swimsuit round, the only thing she lacked was her eloquence if not she would have been a sure fire Top 8 for me. But she doesn’t look Chinese enough for MCI to place her.

No.24 Toronto: Christine Kuo
I almost wanted to cry when she won; not because of emotions really but in a way how predictable it was. She was the crowd favourite, popular with netizens, popular with the hosts and they kept talking about how she was the favourite. In the end I actually wanted a shock even though I placed her No.1 in my rankings as well! She was calm and composed – if not too composed, had the look of an angel and was overall a strong contestant. The controversial part of the night surrounding Toronto was how rude Eric Tsang was to her talent. He was obviously in love with Skye Chan and basically tried to destroy everyone else’s talent – it’s so rude to speak halfway in someones performance and then go ridicule it for being boring – Ok it was slightly long but have some respect! Anyway lets rewind back more than a decade, do you remember the last MCI winner from Toronto; Monica Lo, also played the flute as her talent – let’s go back to the good old days when the Top 3 were actually well deserved.

No.25 Tubingen: Julie Lam
One of the faces of the pageant and I definitely think she deserved her Miss Young award because she was sweet/cute and at times vibrant (let me emphasize on the AT TIMES). I was always worried that Julie would be a slightly clueless in Chinese girl; all my worries were fulfilled – she was. Her conversational skills weren’t the best of the group and I found it amazing when the judges put her through each and every round as I never expect MCI to pick girls like her (even though I do), I guess her looks lead her through most rounds – her swimsuit was also fantastic – the best of the night I’d say. However her downfall besides the Chinese was at times she looked bored and sometimes did not have the composure needed for a pageant winner. I think if she had gone into the pageant at 24 or 25 she would have matured a bit more but at the moment she just seemed a bit too girly and not yet a woman.

No.26 Vancouver: Cici Chen
Honestly what was Eric’s fascination with her name! erghhhh. Anyway Vancouver was a likeable contestant and very sweet, though I didn’t really like her talent. It seems nowadays what MCI does is choose the girl with the most personality or possible TVB contract girl as 2nd runner up and then Miss Hong Kong or a composed/ slightly quiet girl as 1st Runner Up. But anyway Cici was a strong candidate who I placed in my Top 8. For me Tubingen, Seattle and her were the three fighting for the other two spots (No.1 having been taken by Christine) sadly in the end she lost out a placed 4th for me even though she was ranked the highest out of the three going into the Top 5. But anyway I’m very happy for her getting third as I wouldn’t be able to stand her placing any higher!

No.27 Wuhan: Xu Li
She was an OK contestant but her cold exterior and in my opinion rudeness didn’t get her anywhere for me.

No.28 Zhengzhou: Han Xiaoling
Though I thought she performed above expectation for me I still didn’t think she deserved a Top 8 spot. Her conversation with the 4 hosts/guest hosts was definitely what killed her because she just couldn’t reply to the question unlike Cici who I thought would buckle under the pressure but then turned it around to make the round her own. You just need to be on your feet and witty when against these types of questions.

The show was also much better than MCI07 and 08 PUT TOGETHER! They finally make a decent show in Foshan; but just when the public lost faith in it! Oceane was extremely beautiful on the night even with her new haircut – I’d thought she would lose her edge without the trendy hairstyle she had last year. Wasn’t to keen on the performances by Bosco and Ron though – they looked like fools! Also the night was full of rudeness – the distasteful Michael Jackson joke made by an MC, this was how it kind of went:
MC: So Kuala Lumpur (Kelly Tham) you like Michael Jackson.
KL: Yeah (forgotten the rest)
MC: So do you like children!
KL: (Forces a smile)

Then there was the Christine incident by Eric Tsang aswell as Eric Tsang blanking the judges not in TVB. Also there were a few contestants who I thought were slightly rude and not graceful.

My Top 8 would have been: New York, Beijing, Vancouver, Tubingen, Toronto, Seattle, Jilin, Melbourne (possible alternates San Francisco, Nanjing, Montreal)

Well I only got 3 out of 8 – told you I was bad at this! But I did get two out of 5 for my Top 5 and two out of 5 for Top 3!

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