Sunday, 18 January 2009

MCI Final Part 2

No.10 Hong Kong: Skye Chan
ARGH! WHY WHY WHY TVB TVB TVB! YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN – GIVE HONG KONG THE 1st RUNNER UP WHEN THEY DON’T DESERVE IT! I was slightly annoyed when they put her into the Top 8 let alone when she got 1st runner up! Her look definitely improved since Miss Hong Kong – I’d say the change in hairstyle helped her leaps and bounds, but that was it. They say she has good conversational skills but I totally missed that, she showed some charm but besides being a Hong Kong contestant what other attributes did she have in order to place in the Top 3! Her talent was average and the one thing the judges continually say she does well is her convo skills; but they’re lacking too. I bet she scored a place because Susanna Kwan loved her singing! TOTALLY ANNOYED!

No.11 Jilin: Liu Mo YiYang
She represented a fashionable young Chinese woman to me, her conversational skills weren’t all that bad either. I found her swimsuit round to be strong but the judges only scored her averagely. I’d definitely have given her a Top 8 placing but I knew TVB would never do that.

No.12 Kuala Lumpur: Kelly Tham
Every time I see her look goes down slightly. I thought she was photogenic in Miss Astro but in MCI she looked average and just didn’t shine. But it doesn’t matter because MCI just don’t like Malaysian representatives anymore.

No.13 Macau: Florence Loi
Her hairstylist was on drugs – how could someone deem that hairstyle as good! She could have done well but I think the stylist totally destroyed her, if not she may have been able to place as an alternate in my Top 10 list.

No.14 Manila: Hui Ming Ming
Overall not too impressed, she also seemed lost! Her swimsuit round was stronger though.

No.15 Melbourne: Skye Chu
She looked one of the best of the night – on par with Vicki and Christine I’d say. She had that quiet class to her which I loved, but her slightly cold personality probably lost her the judges votes but I would have definitely put her into the Top 8. She’s definitely better than the other girl called SKYE!

No.16 Montreal: Luciano Hurtado
To me she didn’t seem as photogenic as I thought she would be. However I liked her bubbly and all accepting attitude to the competition and I’d definitely put her as an alternative to the Top 8.

No.17 Nanjing: Yang Xiaolei
Her conversational skills were average and I’d say her look is about mid pack but for some reason she managed to place 11th in my scoring. I was totally shocked when the judges gave her 40 (a high score) for her swimsuit round and even more shocked that giving her such a high score that she still didn’t reach the Top 8!

No.18 New York: Vicki Pon
Totally gobsmacked that she didn’t make the Top 8. She was sweet, beautiful, TALL, great smile, likeable and just a good representative. It would have been great to see New York do well because they have just failed in the previous years. I do have to say she didn’t look as beautiful as the pictures but still enough to be a Top 5 in the looks category! I guess Hong Kong just don’t like New York representatives because of Michelle Ye winner of 1999; basically because she stitched TVB up and went to their archrivals ATV and then basically stuck two fingers at them and said I don’t need you to be famous! She’s probably one of the most famous MCI’s in the past 10 years – I’d say only Michelle Reis and Chirsty Chung are more famous than her (Bernice, Sonija and Linda are only TVB/Hong Kong famous but Michelle is Movie/China famous!). And actually looking at the ages of the Top 5 they probably didn’t like the fact she was 19 (because the judges were all so old! Lol) Just found out two of the prettiest girls in the pageant (New York and Toronto are of Taiwanese heritage! Vicki doesn’t look Taiwanese to me though) I wonder if the heritage of all the winners were shown would there be a correlation.

No.19. San Francisco: Louisa Liu
She was a strong candidate and I was shocked when she didn’t make the Top 8. She held herself well in both rounds and I thought she had good presence. Her look and her swimsuit round were also strong. Personally I put her in my Top 8. But I expected to get a few from as normally when I score contestants at MCI only about half the contestants going through correlate with my own scores.

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