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Miss Chinese International 2009 Final Preview

With the finals only 2 days away I don't see any foreseeable new news to be released so I'm going to decide on my final favourites.
Before I go on I'm really annoyed that TVB has yet again chosen 3 actors/actresses as judges; this time being Gallen Lo, Kevin Cheng and Susanna Kwan. They should instill more variation - but I guess holding it at Foshan not many Hong Kong stars would be willing to take the journey.
There is also only going to be a Top 8 and a Top 5 supposedly which means 20 contestants will be eliminated in the first part! I'm hoping they decrease the random dancing and put in some meaningful Q&A rounds and some good catwalk sections - a talent round for all 28 would also be good!
Well I've been follow the Chinese Pageant Page recently and from 1 week of voting the results show that New York's Vicki Pon is the favourite with a score of 1490 (though I don't know how it's scored). Toronto's Christine Kuo took second with 1165 whilst a shock third was Manila's Beatrix Co with 984 (on the 13th she received 754points! a little suspicious there). 4th was Tubingen's Julie Lam with only 441 and 5th was Hong Kong's Skye Chu with 433.
Jilin, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur and Vancouver all past the 200 mark whilst Nanjing would have rounded out the Top 10.
The results on average are Ok I'd say. But sadly I promotion for MCI seems to be dwindling that even my cousin who lives in Hong Kong said he barely knew about it because of the lack of promotion. This year has a strong bunch of girls so I'm dissapointed TVB puts so little effort. The show should be brought back to Hong Kong and there should be more photo shoots/events to allow foreign Chinese to see what is going on. But anyway lets get back to the girls.
I have to say in the previous years my favourites have never really made it to the Top so I'm slightly worried for Vicki Pon as Christine seems to be the favourite. Anyway here are my favourites as of now.

Yep not much change since my last post but I have to say I clearly have a favourite three - New York/Toronto/Tubingen; whilst Jilin is a close 4th. Then is gets slightly shady. I continued to put Montreal at 5th but there are some girls which have really climbed the ranks since my last judging.

My 6th to 10th
San Francisco
Hong Kong
(If you want to see these 5 girls go to
Melbourne has really grown on me for some reason - I think it is because of the classy official portrait. She was always one of my maybes but when my Dad pointed her out as one of his favourites I suddenly took a much bigger liking towards her.
Auckland has steadily climbed the ranks for me. She has a sweet look to her (but I kind of think I like her more because she nearly got 0 points in the vote; gaining my sympathy!)
San Francisco is next because I think she hasn't grown on me; instead I think I like her less. When I first saw her photos I put her in my Top 6 but now she's only in my Top 8.
Nanjing hasn't really increased or decreased in terms of me liking her - so I think whatever happens she'll still be in the lower part of my Top 10.
Hong Kong is at tenth because of her official portrait I think which made me remember how her photos looked at Miss Hong Kong. I'm so dissapointed with Edelweiss for not competing but I think Skye is probably a stronger all round performer than Edelweiss is because Edelweiss only has the heights and decent looks.

If I were to rank the rest I'd go with...
Kuala Lumpur: Her look and composure (if not too composed) at Astro was enough to secure her 11th even though I'm not loving her look now.
Vancouver: She has a sweet look to her and is a possible Top 10 alternative for me.
Macau: Seeing her on video at Miss International again allowed me to see how she could look; even though she hasn't been photogenic in MCI in my opinion. Though she is very composed.
Chongqing: Her modernness may give her an advantage (quite modern for a mainland chinese girl) like Oceane did. Waiting to see her on film.
Tahiti: She is actually more photogenic than I thought - but yet again I don't think she'll do well at MCI.
Seattle: I've lost my initial liking of her for some reason.
Hangzhou: I'm still fascinated with how she'll fare in MCI.
Guangdong: She has grown on me for some reason. I really like her official portrait also.
Harbin: I know she can be photogenic even though she isn't showing it at MCI.
Foshan: I've also lost my slightly liking for her also.
Wuhan: She's OK but yet again she is easily forgettable.
Manila: I think what makes me remember her is that she got third place on the pole!
Sydney: Don't have much to say on her
Heilongjiang: Lost my interest in her for some reason.
Beijing: Slowly climbing but not enough exposure
Chicago: Just a bit awkward in the photos
Singapore: Never really liked her look
Zhengzhou: No Comment

Well with my Top 8 being New York, Toronto, Tubigen, Jilin, Montreal, Melbourne, Auckland and San Francisco I was wondering who I thought would actually make the Top 8 cut.
New York: She's too much of a stunner not to make the Top 8. New York has not been in contention for a long time so I think she has a chance to reinstall some pride for the Americans
Toronto: Too much of a favourite not to at least make the Top 8. She has the looks and the poise so I doubt she'll be barred from the Top 5.
Tubigen: In my opinion I think she'll be an unsure alternative. I think she may get into the Top 8 but also could have been one that just missed it. I just think she will only reach the Top 8 for some reason
Jilin: Similarly I think Jilin is on the verge of a Top 8 spot, her look could get her somewhere but I have a feeling MCI will bar her from making the Top 8.
Montreal: BARRED: I just don't think MCI will appreciated Montreal and instead miss her from the Top 8.
Melbourne: Possible Top 8, she has a classic look that I think the judges (all being quite old) will like. I'm expecting her to do Ok on the night so a Top 8 is possible.
Auckland: BARRED: I just have this feeling that Auckland won't make it - probably because she is No.1 and because she doesn't stand out as much.
San Francisco: I'm not sure with San Francisco. I think a Top 8 is possible but yet again she could lose out.

Here are my thoughts on some of the other girls:
Heilongjiang: I don't know why but I think she could make the cut. I doubt MCI wouldn't have at least 2 mainland Chinese girls in the Top 8 (especially since 2 judges will be from China and Susanna and Gallen are also judges.
Hong Kong: She'll definitely make it to the Top 5, not only is she from Hong Kong but she's also favored by TVB a lot. I'll be shocked if she doesn't make the Top 5 at least because I'm sure they'll give her a Top 3 status.
Kuala Lumpur: In any other similar pageant she'd probably make the Top 10 but MCI don't seem to like girls from Kuala Lumpur unless they are full of energy (seeing how Novel was not even considered last year).
Macau: They could possibly put her through just because she is the first Miss Macau in a long time.
Nanjing: She'd probably be a mainland chinese girl to represent China in the Top 8.
Vancouver: I don't know why but I think Vancouver has a shot at the Top 8.

New York, Toronto, Tubigen, Melbourne, San Francisco, Heilongjiang, Hong Kong, Nanjing
The 8 above are who I think MCI will make the Top 8 - though I'm not normally that good at predicting what MCI does. There are a few alternatives I can see MCI doing but I'll have to wait and see what MCI does.

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