Friday, 30 January 2009


Music has been lounging around recently but hopefully with the release of Se7en, Utada and BoA's English albums there will be a lift in the industry. I'm really excited for BoA because she seems to be getting a lot of promotion and her song is charting well (ok it's only the dance charts but at least it's charting). On the other hand Se7en seems to be getting very little attention; hopefully his talent will enable him to sell alone. Besides English Albums there will be a few Japanese Singles released in March e.g. TVXQ and Koda Kumi; things seem to be lifting up for Asian artistes.
Back to BoA, I really hope she could break the Billboard charts and at least make the Top 75 or something because that will be an achievement for an Asian artiste I think. Though I'm not a fan of any of her album covers - well that's the least of her worries I think. Waiting for news of English albums but seems to be few and far between.

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