Monday, 19 January 2009

Gladiators UK

When I was young I remember watching Gladiators with my brother, the two things I remember the most were lighting and jet doing the rings (though I liked Jet much more!) and Wolf being his bad self. So when I heard that Gladiators was being redone by Sky I was so excited. I liked the 1st season a lot; I loved Tempest, Spartan, Tornado and Panther. Enigma, inferno, Oblivion, atlas and battleaxe weren't all that bad either, lol.
However I only realized the new season was on when I saw Goliath on The Sunday Night Project. I rushed to find the new gladiators series and here are my thoughts.

Amazon looks like a true queen in her photos and I'm anticipating see her in the events.
I liked the look of Goliath when I saw him on the Sunday Night Project and hopefully he'll be a great competitor also.
Siren seems awesome to me, from what I've seen and read she is possibly my favourite new gladiator, wonder what dynamic she'll bring in the show.

The other 3 I'm less excited about. Warrior seems to be OK but I'm not to keen on his over grown facial hair! Doom just seems like a replacement for Destroyer who I didn't really like anyway and I've seen Cyclone before anyway.
All in all I'm really excited about this new series, definitely going to watch what I've missed already!

Tempest and Spartan

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