Friday, 27 March 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 5

Oh my god how slim has Tocarra become! She looks awesome though. Ooh I think Kortnie may probably go - and I'm only 2:30 minutes in. Yeah I do agree that Cycle 3 had more personalities than Cycle 12.
Benny Ninja looks scary!!!!!! eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
Ok all of them were awful (maybe Celia and Aminat were OK), but I know I would have been bad if I tried.
Ok Kortnie has definitely gone, it's obvious.
Celia posing (even if it is spelt like posin) and Chosen don't rhyme!
Philippe Blonde disturbs me as he looks slightly (don't bash me) like Anya!
Allison's posing was Ok but boring.
Teyona had interesting poses
Kortnie was a bit boring
Sandra looked mad, her poses were too simple
Celia's poses were tranny, that's why Benny and the crowd loved it!
Aminat was Ok
London was ok but Marilyn Monroe like
Tahlia was boring
Natalie was interesting but not fantastic
Fo was good.
Celia definitely defeated Natalie to the pulp!
But honestly the thing is way too tranny but I guess it means you must be comfortable with your body.
Tahlia has very very very little self esteem - maybe even lower than mine! I understand why but if you're going to go on ANTM you need to have the confidence
No offence but "Cycle 11 winner" looks a bit big for a tall model - she looks exactly what she used to be like - a boxer!
I honestly didn't think I'd say this but London is not showing enough personality! Maybe it's just the cut but I'm afraid London may be the girl who eventually goes out even though she's quite good.
Ok Kortnie is just not a model, so sad... even Tahlia seems to be getting it.
I hate how they cut this episode as it's obvious Sandra and Kortnie will be bottom 2.

I actually like the use of a different type of camera as it makes the whole shot look more authentic.
Oh my god Tyra's english accent was fab!
In this shoot you definitely need to look at the camera as it needs to be somewhat haunting.
This year nobody seems to be dominating, it's scary!

Tahlia - Amazed but I guessed so
Natalie - Wow so high even though the judges kind of ripped her apart (and I did too!)
Sandra - Everyone is a bit too harsh on her

Wow Celia saying that about Tahlia was quite amazing. I think she's brave but she shouldn't have said it at that point.I still love Kortnie but it's so sad she wasn't to be.

I think the main aim of this shot should be to stand out in this shot, so whoever doesn't gets major down points.

Allison - Love her shot, it is soooo editorial, it works - she stands out in an instance. It's not a matter of whether she looks like the mum or the sister it's tha fact that she makes the shot fashionable, the only criticism is that I don't think she looks like an immigrant.
Aminat - The clothes made it difficult to see her body, her face is good though but I'm just seeing an Ok shot - nothing special.
Celia - Way way outstaged by the little girl standing up. Not good! What's worse is that she looks like their mother, she looks old in the shot!
Fo - I don't like this shot, it looks fake and her body looks weird. The only reason why Fo isn't below Celia is because she stands out.
Kortnie - I think it isn't an awful shot, she's just relying too much on her pretty. To be honest this is probably her best shot as well.
London - For once I actually don't like the pose, she looks pregnant in it! Personally I think you have to look at the camera for this shot to work so major negative points for not looking at the camera. However her face is haunting - besides the open mouth, looks like a toothless nanny.
Natalie - She looks like she's an evil mother, she didn't get the mood right, she's so bland! Her face looks a bit mucked up as well, it's not awful but it's boring.
Sandra - She looks really old from afar but yet again I think Sandra's shots are normally very cinematic, so credit for that.
Tahlia - I have to say she looks much better in this shot than any other, I like the latin fling about it but I don't seem to connect enough with the shot, it's one of the better ones but maybe because everyone did poorly.
Teyona - This is a fantastic shot, it's simple but it works. It does seem like somebody took it out of the record books. Fantastic.


At the moment nobody has always been in the Top 5 for the judges call out, but the closest girl to doing that is Teyona - as expected. If judges call out are to be trusted then Sandra/Aminat/Fo need to look out next week. I'm amazed that Tahlia is actually doing better than London in terms of call out!
For me Allison currently has the best score whilst Teyona, London and Fo are the next 3. And coincidentally they each have been the girl with the best photo in a particular week for me. Natalie is my bottom whilst Tahlia and Celia are next - yep Sandra is only 4th to last!

Favourites: Fo/Aminat/Allison/Teyona
Likes: Celia/London/ Kortnie (OUT)
Ok's: Sandra/Tahlia (Though annoying)

Believe it or not Natalie is currently my least liked girl, maybe because she seems a bit bitchy and isn't actually a good model. I don't dislike her she's just the one I like least.
Besides that there aren't many major changes besides being utterly annoyed with Tahlia for having no self esteem and flaunting that on camera whilst then do great at the photoshoot.

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