Sunday, 29 March 2009

ANTM Cycle 12

I've been reading around for the past hour or so and I'm totally shocked by how many predictions there are. I've read about photoshops of Tahlia to look like Allison, I've read about potential evictees in the next episode and I've read about every single person being a BITCH! Supposedly Aminat, Celia, Natalie, Teyona and Sandra are the major bitches and Allison and London follow suit! Well that leaves whingy Tahlia and cutesy Fo. There have also been lots of speculation on factions building up. Well here's my two cents.
From the preview it's obvious that Tahlia and Celia started a feud between the contestants. Aminat and Tahlia are likely to have stuck up for Tahlia whilst Natalie looks as if she stuck up for Celia (as Natalie has never liked Tahlia). As London is friends with Natalie I guess London also sticks up for Celia (sad though as I thought London would be less of a sheep). However I think once Aminat and Natalie have been set off there would be little need for the Celia/Tahlia mini battle and instead everything focuses on Natalie Vs. Aminat with London having a go as well.
Therefore for such drama to develop the main antagonists can't go! That leaves Allison, Fo and Sandra. Allison cannot and will not go, Tyra hasn't had enough of her yet. So basically next week will be a Fo/Sandra elimination - I hope it isn't Fo! Love Her, but it's obvious that Fo is seen as a filler as she's rarely seen and we've seen her on talk shows already - the winner doesn't normally get too much publicity before the show ends. Whilst Sandra was initially labelled as the bitch, but with the current situation she may not be needed anymore and as I don't believe Tyra will have three black girls abroad I think she'll leave in the next two episodes.

Allison - Tyra hasn't squeezed out the worth of this girl yet, she's still in love with those big eyes! Besides I really doubt the shot people are talking about is really a Tahlia photoshop. She'll make it into the Top 4 at least but I'm quite sure she won't win as she doesn't have the walk to impress the judges in the final runway.

Aminat - Originally I was skeptical on whether she would make it far but I believe the Natalie/Aminat feud will be the main focus for at least another 3 episodes. Aminat is one of those girls that we have to wary about as we haven't had a confirmation of her being in the Top 6 yet but from edits she does look like a Top 6 contender. Remember Analeigh (my favourite last cycle) who had no spoiler on her being in the Top 6 and in fact was scarily close to elimination early on but toughed out to make it into the Top 3.

Celia - I believe Celia will make it into the Top 6. She just has that vibe about her. The show loves her and she loves the show - perfect! She's getting a hell lot of screen time and development not to make the Top 4 at least as the producers wouldn't want to spend soooo much time on a lost cause. However I don't think she'll win simply because she's just too old for the business - I sense a Renee Cycle 8 kind of thing, "You Look tooo old! edit".

Fo - It's so sad as she looks like an imminent filler girl, though I don't want to shut her out totally I sense she'll be out in the next 3 episodes (basically before Top 6) as Tyra has been especially harsh on her. She hasn't had call outs to support her good photos so I think she'll be leaving soon as the producers also don't see her worth anymore as she doesn't seem like the confrontational type.

Natalie - Paulina has no love for her what so ever I believe but the show is Tyra's! It's evident Tyra still wants her around, she performs averagely but still gets a good call out. Unless she makes a 180 turn on things I doubt she'll win but I do think she'll stick around until the Top 6 as she has "bitch" value.

London - The producers are not focusing on her for a reason. She's had little to no coverage, these type of girls normally end up going out early in the Top 6. As Tyra can't possibly edit her as a "no personality" and London is still getting praise for her looks (and looks so amazing at panel!) I think she'll fit perfectly as a 5th placed girl.

Sandra - Her original value was to be an antagonist but as the Aminat/Natalie feud seems to be brewing up and supposedly Celia is also a bitch I believe Tyra would shove her out as they'll be too many bitches on the show. Though I do sense I could get her elimination totally wrong I think Sandra will at best make 4th place but more likely she'll leave before the Top 6.

Tahlia - Her recent first call out has put a spanner in the works, but I totally doubt that she'll make the Top 6. Unless Tyra has hidden her from everything in order to make her win a total shock (which I doubt) I don't think Tahlia has the market value to stay in this competition for much longer. Even if she does make it into the Top 6 I think she'll have the lacking confidence cut.

Teyona - Currently she looks like the perfect girl in the judges eyes. She's been getting good call outs and been universally praised by the judges. The producers also seem to be editing her as the "nice" girl so I believe a runner up is in the bag for her. She has the potential to be the winner but for some reason I doubt that.

This cycle everyone just has a personality that I can't see anyone losing out on the no-personality edit.

Order of Elimination (prediction)
9th: Sandra/Fo
8th: Sandra/Fo/Tahlia
7th: Sandra/Fo/Tahlia
6th: London/Natalie/Tahlia
5th: London/Natalie/Aminat
4th: Celia/Aminat/Natalie
3rd: Allison/Celia/Aminat
2nd: Teyona/Allison
1st: Aminat/Teyona/London!

Yep so basically I think Sandra, Fo and Tahlia are the girls who won't make the Top 6 as Sandra loses her commercial value, Fo looks like a filler and Tahlia eventually needs to go out as sob story girls don't normally make it far. Though I did put her as a potential 6th placer if need be but her scars will definitely effect her on a revealing photoshoot - where the photography may say "could you cover your scars!".
London and Natalie are my picks for girls who'll go out early in the Top 6. In fact I think London could even go before the Top 6 as I sense that Tyra wouldn't want 3 blondes making the Top 6 (Celia and Allison being the other two) though it does seem that Tyra is starting to like blonde girls more (weird considering that she dyed most of them blonde in the first place!).
Celia in my opinion is without a doubt going to place either 3rd or 4th - though I could be totally wrong as I was with Samantha last year.
The winner to me is shrouded in mystery! Personally I still don't see any of the girls being winners as of yet but the two girls that fit the most seem to be either Teyona or Aminat. Though I did put London in that mix as well! As I thought that if London could make it far enough (e.g. Top 4) she could go for broke.
Basically at the moment it's so confusing I think I'll need to see what happens next episode before I can lay down further predictions as currently I'm not too sure on anything.

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