Monday, 23 March 2009

Natasha Richardson

Though I've only seen her in one film which was the Parent Trap, where she played her character really well, I was really sad to hear of her death especially the details of the death. But today when I was reading the daily mail online I found this article.

I know I'm probably going to get some bashing for this but honestly her sons don't look sad at all of the death! In fact both of them are smiling away, Ok I understand that you need to get over a tragedy like this but honestly smiling at a funeral! Do they even respect their mother - it's not even a "you should be happy after my death" smile it's a "I just saw something funny smile". Ok call me pedantic but I've been through this, my mum died when I was 10 and I was by no means smiling - I remember crying my eyes out and being speechless quite a while afterwards. I'm just in shock how they can be so calm.

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