Friday, 27 March 2009

The Apprentice UK Season 5 Episode 1

What Sir Alan wants is someone like him, it's obvious - he likes the people who can work from nothing so it's obvious why the first task was to clean cars, however as Mona said you need to get the consumers happy so they come back for more, rather than trying to sell as much at once.

In the beginning I knew if the girls would lose then Anita would go out first, it was obvious as Sir Alan doesn't like her type.

Majid's joke about hiring her wife to wash his car was utter sexist - hate him!
On The Other hand Paula was funny - "can we wash people"!
Being the first project manager is always a stupid idea as you are at once putting yourself in the line - and then look stupid if you go first.

Interesting that both decided on car wash straight off. I don't see why you would want to do cars as it's time consuming and you don't get that much money, if they wanted their car cleaned well they would do it professionally, if you want it cheap then you would get a young teen.

Ok why the hell did the girls believe that they would pay £300 for 3 cars! And honestly Paula and Mona seem a bit stupid! They pay £20 for each cars for god sakes! Honestly the girls should have realized what they needed to do if washing cars.

Maybe I'm not a central London guy but I did not know that shoe shiners still existed - at least not on street ones. I think the shoe shine thing is a better idea as car cleaning takes a whole lot of time! At least you're getting quick income from shoe shining. Why not bike/window cleaner or something - quick fast money.

MAJID is a TOTAL sexist - hate him!
I personally think the boys team shouldn't really have won, the only reason why they won was because they secured one good deal whilst the girls were more intuitive and were only dragged down by the Debra/Anita/Kate/Lorraine establishment!

You really don't need a team leader for this type of task so personally I wouldn not hold the team leader at fault as the fact is YOU'RE JUST WASHING CARS - why do you need to consult someone about it - even a teenager gets it done. What the team leader should only need to do is delegate people for certain tasks, find companies to wash cars for, keep costs down and then get down and work.

Howard does look like an Emperor! I personally think he did well except for

18 cars for £20 pounds or something, that is not a great deal guys, shoe shining would have been better. £80 1 hour, low start up cost and loads of people.

Ignite £160.55
Empire £239

It was definitely a problem with the financing costs for the girl so I guess Anita was the one to blame and therefore should have left as she couldn't stand up for herself well enough compared to Debra.

It's so annoying why they continue to go on about project managing! Besides the start on deciding what to buy and where to go they was no need for project managing whilst on the job - just use your brain you stupid girl! A person that relies solely on a project manager should be sacked then and there.

Debra is such a two faced cow! She's just capable of talking and not capable of putting her hand in and working.

Personally £100 or £200 is not a good profit, let's say one week you get about £1000 - you have 7 or 8 guys working - in the end you've lost - you wouldn't make a thing! If you were earning £200 a day with only 3 workers then yeah that's good but not £200 with 7 or 8 guys.

Erm Anita, Margaret was a lawyer!

One episode isn't enough to determine who I like but I think I have some opinions of the contestants.

Ben Clarke - He could be good, he may get far but I doubt he'll win.
Debra Barr - she can talk the talk but I'm not convinced she can walk the walk
Howard Ebison - He reminds me of some actor, don't remember who though, anyway he's Ok but not fantastic with words.
James McQuillan - Seen to little of him
Kate Walsh - Not sure on her yet
Kimberly Davis - I think I'm liking her.
Lorraine Tighe - She seems nice but don't know about her business acumen as of yet
Majid Nagra - I hate sexist people! End of
Mona Lewis - She has confidence and she isn't that bad, need to see more though
Noorul Choudhury - I think he was in one scene throughout the whole episode!
Paula Jones - She reminds me of Jo, I didn't like Jo! But I think she'll be better.
Philip Taylor - His skin looks like it's going to fall off - too much frowning! Anyway I think he could be good but yet again need to see more.
Rocky Andrews - My initial favourite but now I'm not 100% sure, need to see more of him.
Yasmina Siadatan - She just looks like she has the confidence and intellect to do well, she also acts it as well so I think she'll do well, currently one of the ones I like.

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