Sunday, 29 March 2009

Has Jelena Jankovic Really lost it?

Remember when I said Jelena Jankovic should do relatively well in Miami, well she hasn't! Losing to Gisela Dulko in the third round. She blames her retreat of form due to her losing her trademark speed and reaction, known as a counter punch player she's got some counter but has lost her punch. Her record this year is quite appaling for a top 5 player like her, having a 9-5 record and not having made a final appearance since the start of the year. This score looks far worse when you consider the fact that she hasn't played any Top 10 player this year!
I remember when I absolutely dreaded seeing Jelena Jankovic in any draw as a year or two ago I believed her success to be solely from entering a lot of tournaments and scoring the ones she did well on, of course I would give her the thumbs up for stamina but should she have been a Top 5 player at that stage? I don't think so. But now I've developed to like her a bit more, in fact I saw her as a good addition to the Top echelons of the WTA tour, however that seems to be slowly changing. Remember when Jelena had her "off" season, where she lost match after match, well it seems she may be getting closer to that personal record. It's a shame that this is happening to her but now that I think of it I may have the touch of death! Just after I started liking Maria she suddenly loses all her form! And now Jelena has totally lost her form, not to mention Nicole Vaidisova one of my favourite players on the tour. So who's next! Serbia must have caught the "bad form" bug as Djokovic has been doing averagely recently and Ana Ivanovic was out of the top ages ago.
Well whilst I'm here lets all celebrate for Kim Clijsters return! Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport's return were somewhat of a dissapointment with Martina testing positive as a lying bitch! and Lindsay suffering from the baby syndrome. But hopefully Clijsters will not succumb to either. It's amazing how I like her now as before her retirement I was not keen on her and rudely labelled her a Shrek lookalike but now I'm all for her return, bringing back one of the best players in the past 5 years will definitely do more good than harm. Now if only Justine Henin returned; now that's a tour to watch out for!

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