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BoA - BoA (Self titled Debut English Album)

Wait before I go on about BoA's album just need to celebrate my 100th post and its only been 3 months! Blogging really isn't a passion of mine, writing my thoughts is why I continue this blog. I remember a year or two back I really wanted to just write down stuff e.g. my thoughts on the latest tennis scores, though I don't know why I wanted to! A blog was what I thought of first as it was an organized place to put all this randomness in! Some may find my writing utterly boring with hundreds of grammatical errors (like one of my friends always picks on me for) but this blog is more of a personal sentiment rather than a means to attract readers. However I do treasure every comment I receive because knowing that someone is interested in what you're interested in is always a plus point; even if it was someone totally dissing you - and I've had quite a few whilst continuing this blog!

Anyway I've babbled too much about me, lets talk about the actual music.

I Did It For Love - I'm not sure I like the trancey feeling of it but the chorus is actually weirdly addictive. Not 100% keen on it, the plus point is definitely the chorus and its pace.

Energetic - Comparatively Energetic just sounds way too robotic, I'm not sure BoA should being going solely down this route of music for her American debut as it really doesn't show any vocal prowess which I think she should show beforehand as the world is currently addicted to that type of music I think.

Did Ya - Yeah, something different - putting Energetic and I Did it For Love together was a bad idea. Oh my god her English is amazing in this track! I'm actually loving this song. I love the beat and the mix of genres - it's a good mix of what BoA is best at, good vocals, funky tunes and a dance beat.

Look Who's Talking - This song reminds me of the early Britney! Well I guess Britney did contribute to this. But I think the music world may have moved on since then; it's an interesting track but I'm not sure it was wise to use this as a promotional single. Just a note I really didn't like Britney's "Circus" so maybe some old Britney is a good thing!

Eat You Up - I remember hearing this for the first time and I was totally split on whether I liked this or not, a month on and I still have reservations. This song is definitely the one which BoA's accent is the most defined (as of know) and I don't know whether that is good or bad. Personally it sounds a bit too packed up and I'm not sure I love it. It has its audience but I'm not sure I'm one of them.

Obsessed - The difference I find with Asian artistes and American and English ones are that once an artist finds their niche market they stick with it normally but in the Asian market their are a few markets that the artistes always play around with giving a more diverse album but I see that BoA has focused on one genre for her American debut and that is dance. I do like her fast paced music but I have to confess my favourite BoA track is Winter Love (packed into her Best album) which is a slow ballad!
Wow! I didn't even write anything about the actual song!

Touched - Seeing my liking of Did Ya, also produced by Bloodshy and Avant I had high expectations for Touched. However I was slightly dissapointed, in fact I found this song the weirdest but in actual fact the most American! Besides the accent at times I think I lost BoA in all that music. Though I think this album is ok I think BoA seems to be hidden away in the music. Sadly I think the music might be owning her rather than the other way round!

Scream - I think I would have liked this track more if it wasn't lost in all the other dance music beats. In my opinion the album has too much similar tracks making it difficult to remember which is which. I do agree that the tracks each have a distinctive underlying sound to them but I know when I try to remember these songs in a day or two they'll all just merge together. Oh and by the way why is Scream being used so often as a track title. I'm sure in the past year I've heard 3+ songs titled Scream!

Girls on Top - Not my favourite BoA track in her repertoire but I'm happy to hear some of her previous works to compare and see if there is any difference compared to her American offerings. When I compare the two genres I really can hear the Korean flavour "Girls on Top" has compared to the music from the rest of her album.

Dress Off - There are just a bit too many synths in this track and yet again I feel BoA is slightly lost in the music.

Hypnotic Dancefloor - I find this track Ok but for a final track is this really what they want to leave the final impression as? But it definitely does have qualities of a final track.

Ok my first comment, as I always say normally my first opinion is different from what I think when I listen to the album a few more times but currently I think BoA's self titled debut English album is only Ok. If you're a dance track fan you may find some gems in this album but I like a bit more variety which is what this album lacks in my opinion. Their is just a bit too much synthesizing in this album in my opinion, I felt that a lot of the songs didn't have enough of a distinctive sound to them which made them all feel a bit merged. I believe I would have enjoyed the tracks much more if they were singles but listening to them all at once made it all just a bit overwhelming. One comment I have to make is the relative pace the album goes through, you really don't realise you're on the 7th or 8th track until you look at the track list - that could be a good or bad thing, I'll leave that to you. My favourite track is actually Did Ya - It sounds different enough to stand out from this album and it has the right mix of what I'm looking for in BoA. However as I have commented on a few of the songs I found that BoA seemed lost in the music a couple of times, the music seemed to dominate her voice which wasn't the idea I hope!

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