Monday, 23 March 2009


Countdown is probably one of the most iconic shows on British TV, I remember how "nerdily" fun it was when I was a 10 year old and how I continued to enjoy it for many years. I loved the maths rounds but I always failed in the word rounds - just bad with words I guess! However the past few years I had gone off from this program and it wasn't until I heard a schoolmate of mine was on it that I decided to turn the TV on and watch it. Though I remembered that Carol Voderman had resigned I was in shock when I couldn't see her on the show at first. Watching the whole show I realised how much I dislike it now.
The attempt to modernize the show is ridiculous, the whole set looks bad. The original set though extremely old fashioned was iconic in my eyes as it had the essence of British mentality. The host - which I don't know the name of was equally awful. His voice was so annoying and his one liners were just wayyyy off - even on a show like Countdown! Nobody could replace Carol as she IS the queen of the numbers! Her replacement was by no means a replacement - it was a downsizing; as you can see her trying to keep up with the calculations rather than with Carol where she just drew them out of thin air.
Overall my experience of the new version of Countdown was a bad one The once iconic show has been destroyed!

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